27 Ways Living In Montreal Ruins You For Life

In the best possible way.
27 Ways Living In Montreal Ruins You For Life

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Montreal is a wholly unique city, with certain features you simply won't find anywhere else, and while we love those amazing aspects of the city, it sure does suck when you go to another city only to find those qualities painfully absent. The city spoils us, and essentially, by living here, our lives are effectively ruined, simply because we expect all other cities to be just as awesome.

Unfortunately, that isn't the case, because no city is on par with Montreal, at least in certain ways. To make you appreciate just how awesome the city is, here are 27 features of Montreal you can't find in any other metropolis.

1. The ability to walk anywhere in the city, if you really need to

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2. Being able to buy a 40 of beer or a bottle of wine at any dep

3. More restaurants than you could possibly ever eat at

4. The Village: a whole area devoted to the gay scene which is easily the best in Canada

5. The walk up Mount Royal in any season, but especially fall

6. Habs fans: the most energetic and devoted hockey fans in the world

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7. A winter festival that isn't about snow and all about music and dancing: Igloofest

8. An abundance of good weed and being able to smoke it nearly everywhere

9. Poutine, 'nuff said

10. The amazing cast of characters at Tams you won't see anywhere else

11. An amazing abundance of sexy people, of both genders

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12. A vegan food culture so widespread you'll never miss meat or cheese

13. Cobblestone streets to walk on a few minutes away from the urban features of downtown

14. The world's best bagels, hands down

15 . An indy music scene that rivals all the major mainstream artists that regularly grace the city for Osheaga

16. Just For Laughs Festival: the world's best comedians gathering every year to make you laugh

17. Amazing architecture that goes back centuries with mixed with monuments of modernity

18. A street-art culture unlike any other

Photo cred - Alex L'aventurier

19. The Old Port boardwalk giving you a waterside view while always bustling with activity

20. Peur Depot: an interactive haunted house exclusive to the city

21. Above average amount of universities and a the young student population that comes with them

22. Bar after bar after bar, all on the same street. God bless Staint-Laurent (and Crescent, I guess)

23. Arguably the best biking culture in any city in North America (we're not the only ones who think so) that also promotes nudity

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24. A different energy and character to be found in every neighborhood

25. Great coffee and even better cafes

26. The best smoked meat you can find

27. Being able to freely drink in the park without any care in the world

Photo cred - Matthias Berthet

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