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28 Things Only Montrealers Think Are Normal

Only in this city.
28 Things Only Montrealers Think Are Normal

Montreal sure is one unique city especially when it comes to thinking about all the things that only happen in our city. Montreal is absolutely stunning and there are specific things that we find normal that are totally crazy and awesome to those visiting Montreal.

So, I have created a list of all the things that we Montrealers find normal that might not be so normal for other people. I can honestly say that Montreal is no "normal" or ordinary city but who want to be normal anyways? It's time to embrace your city!

1. We Think That Poutines Are Normal

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There is no better way to start this article than to talk about Montreal's specialty, Poutines. We think that the delicious mixture of fries, gravy, and cheese is the something that should be eaten on a daily. Many other cities have tried to recreate the poutine but it is only truly normal to have one in it's hometown, Montreal.

2. We Think That Spending $20 On Salad Is Normal

A photo posted by Emily Draicchio (@emdrakemtlblog) on

In Montreal, we have a little obsession with Mandy's salads. It is absolutely amazing but we think it's normal to spend $20 on it! In Montreal, this is totally normal just because everyone loves it and wants to take that insta of their $20 salad.

3. We Think That Taking Pictures Of Our Deserts Is Normal

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If you haven't been to Cacao 70 or Juliette And Chocolate then your Instagram isn't complete. Instead of Enjoying our yummy deserts, Montrealer's tend to waste their time and instead try too take the perfect insta of their scrumptious desert.

4. We Think That Getting 2 Dollar Noodles At 3 Am Is Normal

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After a hard night out partying, Montrealers think that it's totally normal to go get 2 dollar noodles on St. Laurent street at 3 am.These noodles seem great when you are drunk but let's be honest, you would never eat them if you were sober.

5. We Think That Biking Everywhere Is Normal

A photo posted by David Lee Hawks (@davidleehawks) on

I have never been in another city where biking is so prominent, other than maybe in Amsterdam. But it's totally normal to roll up to work in a suit on your bike in Montreal.

 6. We Think That The Metro Being Stuck Everyday Is Normal (and that it's called a metro)

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Well Montreal and France are actually the only two places that call the subway, the metro. This is totally weird for people visiting Montreal. Not only is it normal for us to call it the metro, but it is also normal for us to be sitting on the metro as it's stuck for 5 minutes and then stops and goes and that continues.

7. We Think That Getting Wasted On A Wednesday Night Is Normal

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Montrealers think that getting wasted in the middle of the week is totally normal. On every Wednesday, Terasses Bonsecours has Wet Wednesday. The place where it is socially acceptable to get smashed in the middle of the week.

8. We Think That Outdoor Pianos Are Normal

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Montreal is home to several outdoor pianos that are dispersed across the city. These pianos are open to just about anyone and honestly, it makes Montreal a totally awesome city.

9. We Think That Buying $1000 Winter Coats Is Normal

A photo posted by Stefano Lora Showroom (@stefano_lora_showroom) on

In the winter, you will not see one Montrealer without a jacket. But not just any jacket, Montrealers think that it's normal to spend hundreds of dollars on designer winter coats.

10. We Think That Waiting In Line For An Hour Just For Ice Cream Is Normal

A photo posted by Claudia Norris (@claudiaa_) on

Montrealers think that it's totally notmal to wait in line at La Diperie for an hour just for some ice cream. Ya it's delicious but lets be real, the lines can be blocks long!

11. We Think That Mac And Cheese Poutines Are Normal

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Montreal sure has redefined the poutine by making the not so normal to other mac and cheese poutine. In Montreal, it's normal to make cray poutines like thai poutines so it's no surprise that there is a Mac and Cheese Poutine.

12. We Think That Buying 24 Bagels For The Week Is Normal

A photo posted by j a n e ? m a r k s (@janemarks) on

Montreal is home to amazing bagels! So it's fully normal for us to buy 24 bagels for the week. I mean we Montrealers just can't get enough of those bagels.

13. We Think That Street Art Around Every Corner Is Normal

A photo posted by Hanif Chatur (@hanifchatur) on

A beautiful aspect of our city is the drop dead gorgeous street art that is literally around every corner in Montreal. No other city truly does it like Montreal.

14. We Think That Staying In Your Own City To Go To University Is Normal

A photo posted by McGill University (@mcgillu) on

Being a student in Montreal, I can honestly say that we all find it normal to stay in Montreal for College and University. But, when you go anywhere else in Canada and especially in the states, it is totally weird to go to school in your hometown ans city.

15. We Think That Playing Giant Chess In The Middle Of The Street Is Normal

A photo posted by bern (@thewongbern) on

Montreal literally has giant chess boards lying all across the streets. This is the time when you can say "only in Montreal"...

16. We Think That Construction Take Overs Are Normal

A photo posted by Martin Rego (@martinrego) on

Montrealers have come to accept the fact that there are more orange cones than people living in the city. For Montrealers, it has become engraved in our routine to have construction take overs. These takeovers are completely normal to all of us.

17. We Think That Getting Bell Province At 4 Am Is Normal

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After you had your 2 dollar noodles, it's time to get Bell Pro to sober up. It's only normal in Montreal to get a poutine after a wild night of being drunk at Bell Pro on St. Laurent.

18. We Think That Naked Bike Rides Are Normal

A photo posted by Skelatorrr Danny Tumia (@skelatorrr) on

This speaks of itself, where else have you seen a naked bike ride in Montreal?

19. We Think That It's Normal For Everyone To Smoke

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Not only do a lot of people smoke in Montreal, but a lot of us smoke weed also. It's totally normal in Montreal to see a group of people sharing a smoke or rolling a joint on the metro.

20. We Think It's Normal To Party On Sundays

A photo posted by Donovan Portelance Guzman (@donovanpg) on

Thanks to Piknic Electronik, it is official normal and actually encouraged to go party and drink on a Sunday at Parc Jean Drapeau. Most cities think that Sundays are your down days but not in Montreal!

21. We Think It's Normal To Be Drunk In The Morning

A photo posted by @dianabedhia on

Boozy Brunches are another one of Montreal's specialties. If you haven't been to a boozy brunch in Montreal yet then you really haven't lived. It is 100% acceptable to be tipsy in the morning at one of Monteal's boozy brunches.

22. We Think It's Normal To Party Outside In The Middle Of Winter

A photo posted by Igloofest (@igloofest) on

The freezing cold doesn't stop Montrealers. Our wild winters only encourage us to have more fun! So, it is absolutely normal in Montreal to go to the Igloo Fest and party in the heart of winter until 3 am! It's fun for everyone and you forget about the cold right away!

23. We Think It's Normal To Buy Beer At A Dep

A photo posted by Sarah Swinwood (@sarahtonein) on

I was completely shocked when I found out that Montreal is one of the only places that legally sells beer from deps. It's so normal for Montrealers that we forgot that we are one of the only cities that does this!

 24. We Think It's Normal To Put Mayo On Fries

A photo posted by Cassie (@cassandralee75) on

A large community of Montrealers actually out mayo on their fries...gross I know. But it's actually really good and very common in Montreal.

25. We Think It's Normal To Drink In Parks

A photo posted by SassPuss (@lau.matte) on

You may not know this, but in a majority of other places it is actually illegal to drink in parks. But Montreal is so cool and it's completely legal as long as you have food with you!

26. We Think It's Normal To Have Protests All... The... Time...

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Montreal is known to holding spontaneous protests and it has become pretty normal to us Montrealers to see people protesting in the streets. So for those visiting it may seem like mayhem but that's just Montreal for you!

27. We Think It's Normal To Buy Roses In Clubs

A photo posted by Erika Šakarnytė (@erika.sakarnyte) on

When chilling out at one of Montreal's night clubs on St. Laurent street, it isn't abnormal to see a fellow come in a try to sell roses. This may seem super stranger to other people but it's actually a cute aspect of Montreal!

28. We Think It's Normal To Call Patios Terasses

A photo posted by Jessica Dupuis (@jess_dupuis) on

Montreal is one of the few places that calls "patios" terasses. Many people who come to explore Montreal may be confused at first but trust me, they will get use to saying terasses ASAP.

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