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29 Bucketlist Montreal Restaurants You Need To Try If You Haven't Already

Montreal is home to hundreds of restaurants, maybe evenĀ thousands really but just a few of them really are the best in the city. There's some classic restaurants that you've probably seen pictures of their stunning decor, delicious foods, or amazing drinks and thought to yourself, I've got to go there soon.Ā 

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There's restaurants for every kind of food here, from sushi to Indian to Portuguese to poutine and literally everything in between. This is your bucket list of every single Montreal restaurant that you must go to if you haven't already, because they're the best in the city!Ā 

This list outlines all of the restaurants you need to go to in your favourite Montreal boroughs!!Ā 

Restaurants In Le PlateauĀ šŸ•

Restaurants In Old MontrealĀ šŸ„ž

Restaurants In Downtown MontrealĀ šŸ”

Restaurants In Saint HenriĀ šŸŒ­

Restaurants In The West IslandĀ šŸ¦

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Le Plateau:Ā 

1. SAINT Sushi Bar


424 Avenue Duluth E

Definitely one of the best sushi restaurants in the entire city! They offer some of the most insane sushi you'll ever eat in your life. The rolls are huge, the ingredients are insanely fresh and each one is completely unique!

2. Patati PatataĀ 

via @melissasal

4177 St Laurent Blvd

If you haven't been to this late night diner on Saint Laurent, you've got to go ASAP. They serve some of the best poutine, burgers, and breakfast foods! You absolutely won't regret one scrumptious bite of food from this spot.

3. La BanquiseĀ 

via @saylola

994 Rue Rachel E

This spot is known for it's massive plates of insane poutines! The plate will be bigger than your face and it's piled high with crispy fries topped with cheese curds and slathered in yummy gravy. From their they top it with the crazy toppings of your choice with anything from smoked meat to guacamole to chopped up pogos!

4. Shwartz'sĀ 

via @imsohungree

3895 St Laurent Blvd

If you've lived in Montreal or even just visited Montreal for a weekend, I'm sure you've been to Shwartz's already. But if you haven't then you've got to go ASAP! This spot is basically a Montreal landmark at this point because of how insanely good their smoked meat is!

5. Restaurant L'AvenueĀ 

via @ondejeune

922 Mont-Royal Ave E

If you've never been to this Plateau brunch spot than you've got to go this weekend! Don't wait any longer, I promise that you'll thank me for this. They make the craziest breakfast foods like their super sweet and delicious pancakes, crazy eggs benedicts and so much more!

6. Moishes SteakhouseĀ 

via @mtl.foodie

3961 St Laurent Blvd

This classy old-style steakhouse takes fine dining to a whole other level. They make massive steaks served with classic Jewish sides like huge pickles, cole slaw, and the best creamy potatoes you'll ever eat. It's definitely an expensive joint but if you go after 9pm they have a special priced menu!

7. Ma Poule MouilleĀ 

via @joshmbernstein

969 Rachel St E

This classic Portuguese chicken restaurant has some seriously flavourful dishes to enjoy! You can go grab a a whole chicken for dinner, a chicken sandwich or a massive plate of poutine with allll the toppings!

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Old Montreal:Ā 

1. Stash CafeĀ 

via @nensayg

200 Saint-Paul St W

This traditional Polish restaurant serves up some delicious dishes you have to try at least once! Try their amazing pierogies, kielbasa and sauerkraut and full brunch menu!

2. Santos Tapas Bar

via @tomahawkgroup

191 Saint-Paul St W

Santos Tapas is the perfect mix between casual restaurant and fun bar. They serve a bunch of delicious tapas plates like their oysters, mix of cheese and meat plates, paella bites and much more! They also serve amazing sangria and have live DJ nights!

3. Olive & Gourmando

via @808sandsnackbreaks

351 Saint-Paul St W

This adorable breakfast spot and bakery is one of the best places to go to in Old Montreal. You can choose to grab a spectacular pastry and a coffee from their counter stuffed with baked goods or you can choose to stay and enjoy a chia pudding, french toast, soup and sandwich and so much more!

4. BEVO Bar & PizzeriaĀ 

via @tipana

410 St Vincent St

If you're looking for insanely authentic Italian pizzas in Old Montreal, BEVO is the place to go. They cook their crispy dough in a wood fired oven making each pizza perfectly cooked! The restaurant has a cute outdoor terrasse or a fun indoor setting as well.

5. Jardin NelsonĀ 

via @lizbethpapas

407 Place Jacques-Cartier

This adorable restaurant is located on Montreal's oldest street and is the perfect place for tourists to come for a good meal in a historic area of the city. But it's also great for Montrealer's who might not explore these areas much anymore. They serve amazing food and drinks and you definitely cant' go wrong with an Old Port terrasse.

6. PercheĀ 

via @mchantalg

153 Rue Saint Amable

Definitely the cutest rooftop terrasse you'll find in the city is Perche! It has stunning views of all of Old Montreal, including the giant ferris wheel. It's also decorated with live plants, all white couches and bright green chairs giving the place the perfect aesthetic! They serve drinks from their full bar and dishes like poke and more!

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Downtown Montreal:Ā 

1. Restaurant Europea

via @barbarahuuu

1227 Mountain St

This completely unique restaurant serves up some crazy dishes! They serves smoking plates in hollowed out books, giant cotton candy trees, desserts you crack open with your spoon and so much more. It's something you should definitely try once in your life.

2. LOV RestaurantĀ 

via @lovrestaurant

464 McGill St

If you haven't been to this new vegan/vegetarian restaurant yet, you've absolutely got to go. The decor is honestly stunning and they make such amazing food it won't even taste like you're eating vegan!

3. Nora Gray RestaurantĀ 

via @noragrayresto

1391 St Jacques St

This adorable Italian restaurant serves up some seriously delicious dishes. Their pasta is incredibly fresh and the sauce is so flavourful you'll want to come back everyday. They also make delicious salads, stuffed zucchini flowers, and awesome cocktails!

4. Deville DinerbarĀ 

via @borntos3rve

1425 Stanley St

This awesome diner/bar has some seriously cool things on the menu. Not only do they have massive cocktails in fish bowls, they also make huge salads, super juicy burgers and so much more! If you haven't been to this awesome spot yet, you've definitely got to go.

5. SammiĀ & SoupĀ Dumplings

via @foodguymtl

1909 Saint-Catherine St W

The name of this spot basically says it all. You can expect some killer soup dumplings here, maybe the best you've ever had! You can also get your dumplings fried for extra salty flavour.

6. AgrikolĀ 

via @tania.loves

1844 Amherst St

This Montreal restaurant was ranked the most beautiful restaurant in Montreal and for good reason. Their courtyard in the back is literally stunning, you'll be shrouded in bright green trees while you enjoy a perfectly cooked meal.

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Saint Henri:Ā 

1. FoiegwaĀ 

via @leasaaad

3001 Notre-Dame St W

This Saint Henri staple serves up some awesome brunch and dinner eats! The decor is like a fancy diner but with insanely delicious food. Try their fried chicken and waffles, truffle spaghetti, french onion soup, and so much more! You won't regret visiting this amazing spot.

2. Arthurs Nosh Bar

via @eatermontreal

4621 Notre-Dame St W

This cute restaurant serves some authentic Jewish fare that you absolutely can't pass up when you're in the area. They serve the fluffiest pancakes you'll ever eat, loaded toast, bagels and lox, and much more!

3. Joe Beef

via @twofoodphotographers

2491 Notre-Dame St W

You probably know this spot as the meeting place of the two world leaders, Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama a couple months ago, but it also has tons to offer us regular folk! They make insanely good food and their back terrasse is covered in plants.

4. Tuck Shop

via @giuliodiminno

4662 Notre-Dame St W

This awesome eatery serves up some delicious dishes. All their dishes are completely unique and doesn't conform to one type of fare. You won't regret coming here to treat yourself to a fancy dinner with your S/O or your best friends!

5. H4C Place Saint Henri

via @sophbaril

538 Place Saint-Henri

This innovative restaurant takes food in a chic atmosphere! It's built into an old 19th-century post office and they serve some delicious breakfast and dinner foods.

6. NINIĀ Meatball House

via @jessicarossix

1752 Notre-Dame St W

The name of this adorable restaurant really says it all, they serve meatballs! But not just any meatballs, these are fancy meatballs that are literally so delicious. They have all kinds of meatballs with different flavoured sauces.

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The West Island:

1. La VeritaĀ 

via @thejohnrothman

11680 Salaberry Blvd

This super fancy West Island spot is the perfect place to bring a date if you want to impress them. They serve modern Italian restaurants that change weekly and they're all super delicious. They have a huge indoor fireplace and a massive outdoor terrasse!

2. Bistro NolahĀ 

via @robsilva

3669 St Johns Blvd

This adorable restaurant serves up some awesome Southern dishes like jambalaya, gumbo and so much more! They have huge floor to ceiling windows and the space is so elegant you'll love your dining experience here.

3. Cugini's Pizza Cafe

via @laurennnhender

275 Elm Ave

If you're looking for an awesome authentic pizza joint in the West Island, this is definitely the spot to go. They top them with all kinds of crazy toppings like figs, arugula, spicy peppers, basil and so much more!

4. Avocado Sushi

via @koreanstud

270 Lakeshore Drive

If you're looking for an awesome sushi meal in the West Island, this is the spot to go for sure. They offer some completely unique and fresh plates of sushi that you just won't be able to resist!

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