29 WWI Propaganda Posters From Montreal You Need To See To Believe

Stop watching hockey, come fight a war instead!
29 WWI Propaganda Posters From Montreal You Need To See To Believe

Here's something you don't see every day, Canadian recruitment and propaganda posters from World War I. But what makes these posters interesting is the fact that they all all meant to recruit soldier from Montreal. Various battalions and regiments all posted these signs in order to recruit as many young men as they could and their tactics and rather savvy.

They use high ranking generals as "poster boys" and show you how you can be part of their famous and glorious regiments. They try to make you identify with a particular group so you'll help out your buddies, so whether you're Irish, Jewish, French or even an athlete or a truck driver, they've got the right regiment for you.

There are two posters that are particularly fascinating, the first one tries to guilt citizens into joining the war effort instead of being lazy and watching a hockey game. (that's just plain genius) The second one can only be referred to as vintage click-bait, where they literally say "READ THIS!" at the top of the poster.

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