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3 Essential Foods To Eat That Help You Raise Your Body Temperature During The Winter

Being cold is never a good thing.
3 Essential Foods To Eat That Help You Raise Your Body Temperature During The Winter

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As winter approaches we are constantly looking for ways to get toasty and warm. We layer up on socks, out-wear the warmest sweater we own, and will never leave the house without our MTLBlog toque.

What if I told you there’s a way to raise your body’s temperature internally through foods we eat? Interested? Thought you might be. It’s called “diet-induced thermogenesis” also known as DIT which basically means heat generated by the metabolization and digestion of food.

1. Coconut

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How it works: Coconut oil contains MCFA’s (medium-chain fatty acids) – which are shorter chains of most edible oils making it easy to absorb quickly and used immediately for energy. The beta-oxidation of these chains stimulates the metabolism to an extent in which the thermogenic effect is 50% higher than other foods of its caliber.

Other benefits: stabilizes blood sugar between meals, keeps your skin and hair healthy, and it contains Lauric Acid (which kill bacteria).

2. Ginger

Photo cred  – Monica Schwartz

How it works: According to the US National of Medicine ginger has two powerful components that give it its thermic effect: gingerol and shogaol. To further enhance thermogenesis mix 2g of ginger powder in a warm beverage at breakfast.

Other benefits: controls feelings of hunger -which can help with weight-loss

3. Brown Rice

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How it works: Brown rice is considered to be a complex carbohydrate. This makes it a lot harder to digest over a longer period of time. Since it requires more energy to digest for a longer period of time it makes your digestive system work harder therefore creating more heat. The plus side is that the energy consumed from eating this carb aids in the metabolic process.

Other benefits: rich in antioxidants, source of a natural sleep hormone called melatonin, and it enhances the immune system.

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