30 Concordia University Problems Only Montreal Students Will Understand

Anyone who went or still goes to ConcordiaUniversity knows that it is truly one of a kind. There may be some struggles we all face as students, and all those negatives do sometimes trump over the positives. Plus, it’s pretty damn funny to laugh at all the Concordia problems we experience on the daily. So, I have compiled this article to share with you all the #Concordiaproblems!

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On twitter, you can actually search the hashtag #Concordiaproblems and laugh at how true all these problems are and how relatable these tweets can be! So, here are 30 problems that all Concordia students share according to #Concordiaproblems!

Finally got one of my grades. Now if the rest of my teachers could do their jobs that would be great. #concordiaproblems

— ash (@ashburns94) December 27, 2015

When you see a cockroach in the H building #ConcordiaProblems

— My Name's Jeff (@Jeff_Alfieri) October 12, 2016

When you've planned every moment of your day to finish assignments #concordiaproblems

— SheWantsRevenge (@wildchildxox) October 6, 2016

when plans don't go according to plan. #ConcordiaProblems#jmsblifepic.twitter.com/cuuAEPSSkg

— Kaileigh (@KaileighCB) March 23, 2016

Wanting to go to Disney but still having class and homework #concordiaproblems

— Claire Brainard (@clairebrainard) September 9, 2015

People who stare through the windows outside Le Gym. #ConcordiaProblems

— Concordia Problems (@ConcordiaProbs) April 22, 2015

Forgetting your iPad at home is like not wearing pants #concordiaproblems

— baii (@baileycaroline_) April 22, 2015

When a public bathroom is locked at school. #Wtf#ConcordiaProblems#WhatAreTheyDoingInThere#ILikeLongHashtags

— Laura Hansen (@laurahansen23) April 1, 2015

Concordia: where you sneeze and the WiFi stops working. #ConcordiaProblems

— Concordia Problems (@ConcordiaProbs) March 30, 2015

Concordia staff member has this in their office. Accurate. #MyStudentCentre#ConcordiaProblemspic.twitter.com/uIqJxqwJco

— Concordia Problems (@ConcordiaProbs) March 19, 2015

being scared to sit down or touch anything in H building... ????#concordiaproblems#tuitionwellspent

— kate. (@ksottt) March 5, 2015

When your prof shows up with a tan all like "I didn't have time to mark your midterms" #ConcordiaProblems

— Concordia Problems (@ConcordiaProbs) March 3, 2015

ugh someone's underwear is on the floor in the EV building and everyone is going crazy #concordiaproblems

— Jess (@JeAudino) February 12, 2015

When the escalator problems cause lineups to go up the stairs. #ConcordiaProblems

— Sweet Caroline (@carolisemartin) February 6, 2015

Not until I started using the CASA-JMSB page did I realize how annoying the kids at JMSB really are... #ConcordiaProblems

— Mario Porreca (@marioporreca4) December 9, 2014

Shuttling home on a Tuesday afternoon from Loyola is a mission and a half #ConcordiaProblems

— Kelann C-W (@m0vingpictures) November 25, 2014

I need 9 text books for this one course I can't even *jumps off cliff* #ConcordiaProblemspic.twitter.com/d3Kklt1O1I

— Folake Adesugba (@FLakkyOfficiaL) September 3, 2013

contemplating what to wear under my gown at the fine arts convocation ceremony #concordiaproblemspic.twitter.com/FzBHe3W3Lh

— °˖✧xtina✧˖° (@WindowComics) June 4, 2014

Why is there a homeless guy sleeping in the Webster library? What are the security guard for? #concordiaproblems#websterlibrary

— Alexandra François (@meowhotsand) May 29, 2014

#WHYTHEFUCK Does Concordia give students exams at 9am on a Saturday #whatislife#concordiaproblems

— chelss (@ChelCchin) April 15, 2014


— j.harake (@Janaharakeh) April 8, 2014

you think because you pay 1700$ a semester you'll get proper WiFi connection. #concordiaproblems

— j.harake (@Janaharakeh) March 27, 2014

Just saw a girl crawl down two rows of chairs to tell a dude to stop watching a video on his computer during the lecture #concordiaproblems

— Harsh Times (@Harsh_Times) February 27, 2014

The dude in front of me wants the girl he's talking to so badly. I just want to tell him it's okay, buddy, you can do it.#concordiaproblems

— Kenia Giron (@_tawdry_hepburn) January 29, 2014

"Im not a physics expert" - My Physics Professor #ConcordiaProblems

— Mike (@MichaelGravino) January 7, 2014

Rookie mistake- goes to school to study & forgets looseleaf in car parked 15 mins from school #dumbo#concordiaproblems

— KeithW (@kwosnitza) December 8, 2013

They’re doing condom give away on campus n some chick is in a Trojan suite LOLOL #ConcordiaProblems

— Folake Adesugba (@FLakkyOfficiaL) November 28, 2013

But we know even if there’s an apocalypse they’ll never cancel classes smhh! #ConcordiaProblems#SnowStorm

— Folake Adesugba (@FLakkyOfficiaL) November 27, 2013

If you're gonna walk like a fucking turtle, don't walk in the middle of the hallway. #ConcordiaProblems

— Concordia Problems (@ConcordiaProbs) November 25, 2013

lost in the hall building as the escalators and elevators are broken, please send help #concordiaproblems

— Kaitlyn McInnis (@kaitlynamcinnis) October 31, 2013

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