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30 Free Things To Do This April 2015 In Montreal

All of the fun, at none of the cost.

Photo Cred - @jfsavaria

Now that it's actually warming up again in Montreal, which is amazing in and of itself, but it also means that there's so much more that you can do throughout the city - but that doesn't mean you should have to pay for it. We know that everyone can appreciate saving some money where ever they can, so we've found a month's worth of free activities for you to do for the month of April.

1. Have some fun on the musical swings at Quartier des Spectacle

2. Get yourself a cone of Ben & Jerry's ice cream on April 14th

3. Admire the latest trends at the Quebec Fashion Designer Sale

4. Now that the weather's warm, head over to one of Montreal's many parks and have some outdoor fun

5. Montreal is covered in art, so take yourself on a graffiti walking tour with this app

6. Enjoy free admission to the outdoor gardens @ Montreal's Botanical Gardens until May 14th

7. Watch the And Then There Was Light show at Notre Dame Basilica

8. Take the whole family to the Easter farm & mini rides at Place Versailles until April 4th

9. Check out extensive collections from all over the world @ McGill’s Redpath Museum

10. Download the Expo 67 app for a two hour long audio-guided tour of the expo’s historic locations

11. Then download the Montreal Wintering app to take yourself back in time to a tour of Old Port in 1800

12. Celebrate the unique culture of independent record stores @ Record Store Day on April 18

13. Learn about space @ McGill’s Public Astro Night Lecture on April 16th

14. Learn something new @ the Canadian Centre For Architecture every Thursday after 5:30

15. Celebrate International Dance Day at Énvénment Quebec Danse

16. Add a little culture to your life with weekly classical music performances @ L’Oasis Musicale

17. Take a trip to McGill's Schulich School of Music to see free recitals and musical performances

18. Check out farm animals, walking trails, and tropical greenhouses @ the Laval Nature Centre

19. Visit the McCord Museum Wednesdays after 5:00pm to learn about Canadian History

20. Learn about international resource ecologies @ World of Matter on April 18th

21. Go to the exhibition about Mount Royal @ the Smith House to learn about it's history and environment

22. Head outside early in the morning on April 4th to watch the lunar eclipse

23. Celebrate the art of writing @ Blue Metropolis Montreal's International Literary Festival

24. Appreciate some art @ La Vivrée Des Ateliers, starting April 30th

25. Inform yourself about your personal rights and the justice system @ Salon Visez Droit

26. Learn about new potential career options @ the health and social services career fair

27. Learn about Montreal government and take a guided tour of city hall, every weekday from now until June

28. Make your way over to the Lachine Museum to view contemporary art and learn the history of it

29. Show off your dancing skills @ Bal du Dimanche on April 12th at Place des Arts

30. Take a look at The Museum of Fine Art’s collections and discovery exhibitions the last Sunday of the month

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