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30 FREE Things To Do This January 2016 In Montreal

Start off the year with money in your pocket.
30 FREE Things To Do This January 2016 In Montreal

Well, friends, this is it. 2015 is but a distant memory; it's time to welcome 2k16 with open arms.

Which, of course, means immersing yourself in all the city has to offer on this, the first month of the new year. But real talk: the holidays were rough. Who has money to spend on a good time? Nobody. Ain't nobody got money for that. Thankfully, Montreal is full of great things to do at zero monetary cost. Don't believe me? Well, prepare to be amazed. Read on for 30 FREE Things To Do This January 2016 In Montreal.

1. Make your commute interesting and participate in the No Pants Metro Ride on January 10.

2. Start 2016 off with some culture and visit the McCord Museum, free Wednesday evenings.

3. Or the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, free on the last Sunday of the month (AKA January 31).

4. Check out Le Quartier Des Spectacles' Luminotherapie exhibition. Be prepared to feel like a kid again.

5. Cinema buff? Great! Attend "Canada's Top Ten Shorts" at the Phi Centre on January 11.

6. Enjoy what's left of your holiday vacation and binge watch Narcos on Netflix. (Trust, Narcos is amazing).

7. Dust off the old toboggan and go sledding at Pierre Elliot Trudeau Park. If it's the weekend, enjoy some free hot chocolate.

8. Listen to some live music at Divan Orange's 6@8, Thursdays in January starting the 7th.

9. On January 9th, have fun and get moving with these free dance classes.

10. Shovel your driveway. Then shovel your neighbour's driveway, because goodwill doesn't end in December.

11. Check out Give Me Something Beautiful's album launch at Casa del Popolo on January 19.

12. Take a stroll through your neighbourhood and count how many people still have their Christmas lights on. Still feel no motivation for taking yours down.

13. Take a stroll through the Olympic Park's Mammouth Village.

14. Burn off those holiday calories with a free spinning class in Laval on January 6.

15. Or burn off those holiday calories with any one of these awesome free fitness classes on January 10.

16. Strap on those ice skates and visit Beaver Lake for some free skating.

17. See how many squirrels you can find chilling in the city. Bonus points if they're a little husky.

18. Go outside and immerse yourself in the cold weather. Seriously, it's not as bad as you might think.

19. Browse the Georges & Guy photography exhibit at the Phi Centre, until January 30.

20. Go take a stroll through Park Jean-Drapeau's Fête des Neiges, weekends starting January 16.

21. Check out Yoga Sur Measure's grand opening on January 7 and enjoy a free Power Yoga class.

22. Or participate in some yoga in the snow in the Plateau, every Saturday and Sunday in January starting the 9th.

23. Start off 2016 in a clean space and finally organize your apartment/room/closet/mystery drawer.

24. Check out Astro McGill's "The Dark Energy Of The Universe" talk on January 21.

25. If January's got you feeling a little frisky, check out the Erotic Art "Sexpose" at Place Des Arts, starting January 7.

26. Make a proactive step towards fulfilling your New Years Resolution. "New year new me" doesn't just have to be an overused motto.

27. Search your movie repertoire for any of these films. Watch them immediately, with a newfound sense of pride.

28. Celebrate Hot Tea Month by pouring yourself a boiling cup of your fave as the cold weather hits.

29. If you're a history buff, check out the Cinémathèque Québécoise's Vintage Television exhibition.

30. Creep Instagram for the prettiest pictures of Montreal places in the winter. And then go and explore those places IRL.

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