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30 Free Things To Do This November 2014 In Montreal

Because you know you're on a budget.
30 Free Things To Do This November 2014 In Montreal

Photo cred – Gbalogh

Hello folks. Hope y'all had a very spooky Halloween. Now that all the tricks have been played, and all the treats have been eaten, it's time to settle in for that buffer period known as November. Since you probably dropped more money than you would've liked to on that dope-ass costume you'll never, ever wear again, and have Xmas gifts to now buy for everyone in your family like the good little boy or girl that you are, you're thinking that November is going to be a long, boring month. But fear not! MTL Blog has (as always) got you covered and we've compiled some suggestions of Free (Or Next To Free) Things To Do This November 2014 in Montreal, so you don't have to. You're welcome.

1. Sleep-off that Halloween Hangover

2. Enjoy (or curse) the first snowfall in Montreal, or not

3. Explore the Permanent Collections and Discovery Exhibitions @ Museum of Fine Arts

4. Check out Krzysztof Wodiczko’s Homeless Projections @ Quartier des Spectacles

5. Enjoy a different creative grilled cheese every day here and here

6. Win some sweet prizes from the STM just by showing your Montreal hockey pride

7. Use the AirZolo app to find sexy travel buddies on your next fall road trip

8. Enjoy free food at these Montreal bars

9. Stop to appreciate (and/or Instagram) Montreal's variety of fine and colourful architecture such as the Palais des Congrès

10. Move to Germany and take advantage of free tuition

11. Check out Exil: Vérité Trompeuse and other cool stuff @ TOHU (map)

12. Take a break from all the hustle & bustle

13. Go for a jog on one of the best jogging trails in the world

14. Catch up on your favourite tv shows

15. Hit up the Montreal Science Center Imax for only 6$ Mondays & Tuesdays through November

16. Grow a Movember mustache

17. Watch a Habs game @ a new Montreal bar for the price of a beer

18. Expand your wine palette @ La Grande Dégustation de Montréal November 7 & 8 for 15$ (includes 1 glass of wine)

19. Check out Murs Aveugles series of still images of urban graffiti @ outside Saint-Laurent metro station (map)

20. Cheer on the doggies at the Montreal Annual Dog Show & Competition November 7 - 9 for 11$ (8$ students)

21. Marvel at rare and semi-precious stones @ Montreal's 5th Annual Gem and Mineral ShowNovember 7- 9 for 7$ (5$ students)

22. Meet a new friend at the Montreal Salon National des Animaux de CompagnieNovember 29-30 for 13$ (11$ students)

23. Make yourself one of these delicious hot chocolate recipes at home

25. Play a plethora of free board games @ Randolph Pub Ludique (map)

26. Gather some friends and play drinking games

27. Have lots of safe and responsible sex with a consenting partner because it's cold outside

28. Check out the Nutcracker Market from November 27

29. Busk for money so you can actually pay to do things

30. Read MTL BLOG :)

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Photo cred –Bianca DesJardins

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