30 Montreal West Island Restaurants You Have To Check Out At Least Twice

Your one-stop guide to the suburb's best spots.
30 Montreal West Island Restaurants You Have To Check Out At Least Twice

Montreal's West Island has always been a part of the city that has been very comfortable with taking it slow. Sure you won't meet a single parent there that isn't running around for their kids at some point in the day, but we generally prefer to take it easy and just put our feet up. That kind of mentality with our restaurant choices.

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Here are 30 you have to check out if you're ever looking for inspiration.

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30 Lowkey West Island Restaurants You Have To Check Out, #30-26

30. Gigi's Pizza 

A West Island institution for for as long as anyone can remember Gigi's continues to be the no nonsense, cash-only spot serves up pizzas, subs, and poutines.


29. Natalino

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An old general store that has been repurposed to become one of the West Island's nicest Italian restaurants that has a notoriously delicious veal dish.

30 Lowkey West Island Restaurants You Have To Check Out, #25-21

25. Les 3 Maria

Portuguese Chicken. I would get paid in Portuguese chicken if I could. Alas, life isn't perfect but you know what is? Portuguese Chicken. The best one on the West Island is Les 3 Maria and believe me, when you try it for the first time, you'll want to be paid in this too.


24. Calzone

Probably one of my personal favourite pizza spots, it's nothing short of a tragedy that I live just outside their delivery radius. They are also directly responsible for my deep and undying love of calzones which I could not recommend enough.



23. Chenoy's Deli

Another legendary West Island institution, Chenoy's Deli has been serving up greatness for over 80 years. With some of the best food of any kind around, you can bet that whatever you order is going to absolutely floor you.


22. Table 09

A French surf ‘n’ turf spot with great wines in a banquet-like space, it also has live music & dancing on weekends. There aren't many restaurants like this in the West Island but it takes nothing away from the stunning quality of the food and atmosphere.


21. Bombay Choupati

One of the best Indian restaurants in the West Island, it is a simple spot without too much flash, much like their food. Don't be fooled though, because their insane butter chicken and lamb curry will knock your socks off.


30 Lowkey West Island Restaurants You Have To Check Out, #20-16

20. Kitchen 73

An awesome and modern take on breakfast and brunch, Kitchen 73 is and awesome breakfast place with waffles that will litearally make you feel like you're on Cloud9.


19. Le Milsa

Brazilian Steakhouses are without a doubt the greatest way to consume meat ever created. Le Milsa brings an authentic latin flare to the table with live samba performances every night that even get the customers involved.


18. Guaca & Molé

An authentic Mexican experience in the comfort and atmosphere of a family restaurant, Guaca & Molé is a great place to immerse yourself in a cukinary experience straight from Mexico.


17. Trattoria Lanni

It doesn't get any more authentic than this landmark that has been around since 1960. A family run business since the beginning, La Trattoria Lanni hits the nail directly on the head when it comes to genuine, good, Italian comfort food.


16. Vivaldi

Italian food is more than available in the West Island, it's practically everywhere. That being said, some restaurants like Vivaldi know how to get quality and upscale Italian dinning to an affordable price all while making the decor and ambiance that of a


30 Lowkey West Island Restaurants You Have To Check Out, #15-11

15. Pho Thanh

This lively strip-mall Vietnamese spot plates familiar fare like noodles & grilled meats. Vietnamese is quite a niche cuisine but Pho Thanh does a great job in making it accessible and seem great for everyone.


14. El Meson

With great eats from enchiladas to red snapper, El Meson brings forward awesome new ways to revisit classic Mexican dishes all while staying true to their roots.


13. Duke & Devine’s

A classic Irish pub that simply can do no wrong, they put a great spin on awesome bar food that will leave you begging for seconds.


12. Piada

Piada proves that you can reinvent the classic Italian sandwich and still have it be completely awesome. They offer a bunch of different fresh ingredients that you can mix and match to make an awesome meal that will leave you stunned.


11. Terra Marre

This maritime-themed hotspot with a boat-shaped salad bar for seafood, premium meats and lots of awesome platter specials. They obviously specialize in seafood but they have a mean surf n' turf so definitely check that out.


30 Lowkey West Island Restaurants You Have To Check Out, #10-6

10. Victor Rose Café

While this is not a full-fledged restaurant, it still makes excellent sandwiches and is symbolic of why people love the West Island so much. It's all organically grown and is 100% environmentally friendly. It also represents the sense of community the West has.


9. La Serenata

This beautiful restaurant offers Italian wines & traditional dishes with a serenading accordion player on weekends. It's another example of how fine Italian cuisine can fit right into a homy, comfortable vibe like this restaurant does.


8. Kam Fung

While this isn't exactly in the West Island, Kam Fung offers incredible dim sum chosen from passing trollies. There's also Cantonese-Sichuan fare that's in a busy, family-friendly venue.


7. Cafe Twigs

Again, not a restaurant but definitely worthy of making this list. It's a local café and it fits right into the Ste-Anne Boardwalk and is a great place to put your feet up and take a load off.


6. Village Grec

Classic Greek food done right. It's a hard thing to come by but Village Grec definitely gets the job done. By put a modern twist on authentic and timeless Greek classics, you're definitely in for a treat.


30 Lowkey West Island Restaurants You Have To Check Out, #5-1

5. Smoke Meat Pete

You just cannot get more iconic than Some Meat Pete. An old-school diner with incredible smoked-meat, that could give Schwartz's a run for it's money fries, chicken and ribs, plus nightly blues acts? Yes please.


4. Peter’s Cape Cod

Some of the best seafood in Montreal awaits you buy the water in Ste-Anne's Boardwalk. A landmark on along the canal, it's a hotspot that you need to go to at least once in your life.


3. Moe’s Pub

Moe's is bar food at it's finest. It's not fancy, not upper class, just good, old-fashioned smoked meat, burgers, and beer. It's impossible to go wrong.


2. Cunningham’s Pub

Cunningham's is the best place to go get a beer or take a load off if you're stressed with school, want to just hang out, or looking for a good time with some friends. Either way, you cannot go wrong.


1. Frite Sauce

Imagine poutine. Now imagine being able to put whatever you want on it. The entire world at your disposal. Unlimited power. That's what you get at Frite Sauce


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