30 Of The Most Fun Things You Need To Do In Montreal Before You're 30

When still young, free and fearless.
30 Of The Most Fun Things You Need To Do In Montreal Before You're 30

Let's be honest as soon as we hit 30 we start to slow down whether we like it or not. I certainly know that if I am invited out after 10pm I will have to eat out before hand otherwise there is no way I am getting back off that couch.

I often feel like doing a fun Montreal activity and then realize I would much rather chill with a glass of wine, good meal and film at home. Don't get me wrong I am still very much active and enjoy the buzz of this amazing place but know that if I hadn't done certain things in my 20's I may never have done them at all.

So whether you are in your 20's or still 20 at heart here are a list of things you should definitely do:

1. Go to the Igloofest

The Igloofest in January and February each year is a fantastic opportunity to dress up in your best snow gear, dance, rave and drink your night away in Montreal's Old Port to a live DJ.

Why you need to do this? Because raving on into the night in the cold gets harder with age, whether it's tiredness or the aches of the cold on your bones something will get you.

2. Party at Piknic Electronik

Piknic Electronik is a electronic music event held every Sunday of the summer from May to October at Parc Jean-Drapeau. It's a buzzing atmosphere in the sun.

Why you need to do this? Electronic music is slightly more in tune with a younger generation and the buzz of this event needs energy and stamina which has a tendency to reduce with age.

3. Spend the day at the Beachclub

The Beachclub is renowned for being the biggest outdoor club in North America. You can dance the day away into the night to live music from all over the world. And the summer 2016 line up will simply blow your mind.

Why you need to do this? Again another demanding musical event which demands energy only under 30 can truly give you.

4. Go to a live Habs game with a group of friends

Yes a good Habs game is something great to do at all stages of your life, but doing it with a good group of friends is something you might be able to only do in your 20's.

Why you need to do this? Before people start heading off in their own direction and coupling up.

5. Party midweek

Let's admit it as we get older this isn't something easy to do anymore without suffering the consequences, such as turning up to work late or at all! Santoson St-Paul West, Flyjinon St. Pierre Street and Brasserie Beneluxon Sherbrooke West and Wellington are just a few fantastic places for a midweek partying session.

Why you need to do this? As we get older responsibilities, work and priorities change therefore we are less likely to want to party in the week and suffer the consequences and risk potentially losing our job or out on an opportunity.

6. Hang out on Mont-Royal in the early hours of the morning

I think that in your 20's is really the only period of your life you can truly get away with this.

Why you need to do this? Any younger and you should be at home and any older it starts to look suspicious. So whether its to enjoy the sunrise or relax after a heavy night out, do it now before its too late.

7. Do the full Osheaga experience

Osheaga a 3 day music festival held in July in Parc Jean-Drapeau is not for the faint hearted. If you have the energy you can challenge yourself to the full 3 days of dancing, drinking and celebrations.

Why you need to do this? 3 days dancing in the sun can be demanding on anyone let lone as we get older.

8. Enjoy the International Fireworks competition from a boat

As this spectacular display, held throughout the month of July, is held by La Ronde the display can be seen from the St. Lawrence River. So why not put together a boat party and finish the evening with this amazing display.

Why you need to do this? Of course boat parties can be enjoyed at all ages but they are very different according to your age range. So if you are looking for one with lots of drinking involved and going into the late hours of the night, no one can deny while your young is probably best.

9. Go to a strip club

Whether your male or female instead of wondering what it is like why not go and see for yourself.

Why you need to do this? Because no time is better than when you are older enough to go in but young enough to have fun, unattached and care free.

10. Go to La Ronde

A fun park of attractions.

Why you need to do this? Let's admit it any young than 20 and we are restricted by budget, height and parents and any older we are restricted by kids or our fears.

11. Do the Nuit Blanche

The Nuit Blanche offers a whole array of activities from food, music and drink throughout the city on the nights of March.

Why you need to do this? March is not the warmest of months, so the get go in you of your 20's certainly helps.

12. Eat a poutine after a night out

There is nothing more comforting than a good old traditional poutine after a heavy night of drinking. The obvious choice La Banquise is open 24hr and has 30 choses of poutine on the menu.

Why you need to do this? Only really in your 20's can you still burn through those calories at that time in the morning.

13. Run up Mont-Royal

Whatever your reason, it is definitely worth doing, firstly to say you did it and secondly to see the breath taking view from the top.

Why you need to do this? You might not have the time or energy when your older, or need to start now before you never start at all.

14. Go to the Beer Festival

Enjoy a wide selection of beers from all over the world.

Why you need to do this? It is greatly enjoyed in your 20's, when the wide array of beers is still new and to be discovered and having a hang over the next day is the last of your worries.

15. Buy a pass to the Zoofest

You can make some funny talented discoveries for just around $50 a pass and watch as many or little shows as you like.

Why you need to do this? In our 20's we are looking for bargains, still appreciate new talent and still can stay up into the night.

16. Watch the Pride Parade

Enjoy the exciting buzz of this vibrant event in the month of August and be inspired at the amazing costumes and peoples passion.

Why you need to do this? This event is abstract and inspirational and takes a young mind and pair of eyes to appreciate its message.

17. Do an Irish pub crawl on St. Patrick's Day.

No one quite knows how to party like the Irish so join them in their celebrations while you still can!

Why you need to do this? This would be a very demanding on both the body and mind so being younger will be greatly in your advantage.

18. Go see the Tam Tams

The artistic flare and expression of the Tam Tams drumming on Sundays on Mont-Royal

Why you need to do this? They are truly appreciated at their best in our 20's, when we are still in mode of discovery.

19. BBQ/Picnic in the park with friends

Like I said previously while your friends are still in the same city and available, take advantage to get them together with good food and drink and why not take advantage of one of Montreal's many parks.

Why you need to do this? With age jobs, new relationships and commitments cause friends to drift apart so profit while you can.

20. Slide the city

This August participate at the slide the city event. When you get the opportunity to be a big crazy kid and slide down the city streets on a record breaking water slide.

Why you need to do this? Again this activity is quite physically demanding, involves a little risk taking and getting stripped down in Montreal streets. As we get older we get more reserved, cautious, and sometimes even self conscience. Therefore this wouldn't be one of the funnest things for us to do.

21. Go the Arcade Bar

Be a big kid while you still can and check out the Arcade Bar on Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

Why you need to do this? Even though we can be a big kid whatever our age I think we still have a thing for Arcade games under 30.

22. Check out Crescent Street during the Grand Prix

Let's be honest it is buzzing with young, sexy, happening people so join the party while you are still one of them.

Why you need to do this? With the younger, sexy generation biting at our heals we might no longer fit in as we get older.

23. Spend New Year's Eve outside in the Old Port

While the cold doesn't bother you too much and you appreciate free live music and fireworks enjoy the delights of New Year's Eve in Montreal's Old Port.

Why you need to do this? Well it's cold and late again 2 things that aren't well received as we age.

24. Ride a Jet Ski

Aventures WetSet MTL offers exciting guided tours that let you explore the beauty of the city from a whole new angle, and it certainly isn't for the faint hearted. So while your young, wild and free enjoy this wet magical adventure.

Why you need to do this? It demands guts and energy. With age we become more cautious and more and more afraid.

25. Go to Frosh Week

In your 20's you might either be a student or definitely pass for one, so don't miss out on the city's numerous University Frosh Week parties while you still can.

Why you need to do this? Let's be honest this isn't a place for someone over 30. It involves a heavy amount of booze and crazy activities, but definitely worth doing at least once when your young.

26. Go clubbing

In Montreal you are certainly spoilt for chose with many popular clubs along both Crescent and Sant-Laurent Street. And trust me when I say not all of you are going to find this easy once you hit 30.

Why you need to do this? Like a lot of these activities it demands a lot of energy and recovery time that we don't necessarily have anymore with age.

27. Go to the Mural Festival

The Mural Festival located in the heart of Saint-Laurent boulevard, this festival of urban art allows people to appreciate creations in real time and attend musical events.

Why you need to do this? Under 30 is when we experiment the most and what better opportunity to do so than surrounded by such creativity.

28. Take advantage of the eating late restaurant deals

Did you know that a large range of restaurants in Montreal give special prices for food ordered after a certain hour, for example Geppetto Pizzeria.

Why you need to do this? Because lets be honest the older we get the harder it is to eat late and keep off the weight.

29. Participate in the Color Run

Why not express yourself and run the Color Run. Not only do you get active you have crazy fun with powder paint.

Why you need to do this? While you still have the energy and passion.

30. Go to Peur Dépôt

Go an experience a fright of a life time while you can still handle it at Peur Dépôt at the Old Port.

Why you need to do this? As we get older and have more experience things start to be scarier, to the point we avoid these kind of things all together.

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