30 Shows That Prove Crave Is Better Than Netflix Canada

HBO, Showtime, and sooooo much more.
30 Shows That Prove Crave Is Better Than Netflix Canada

With Netflix's prices going up,shows coming and going, and my never-ending desire to support Canadian businesses, I've decided it's time to make the switch to Crave TV. Founded in 2014, the company has built up a solid base of orignals, but where it wins out is access to HBO and Showtime series.

Below are 30 shows that make switching to Crave more than worth it for me. Maybe you need your Riverdale, but I'll have Sex and the City, Twin Peaks, and Drunk History and that seems like a win to me...

Crave has a bunch of great orignal series as well as a ton of hilarious comedies like Letterkenny, Workaholics, and Arrested Development.

Most of the shows I've listed below are great binge-worthy dramas, though.

1. The Sopranos

Often considered one of the best shows of all time, this gangster drama is a whirlwind of suspense.

While you might already know how the series ended (no spoilers here!), you can still partake in the splendor that is the entirety of the Sopranos on Crave. And if you've never watched it, now's your chance!

2. Game of Thrones

Winter is already here soooo you might as well start binge watching Game of Thrones!

All your Westeros drama in one place.

3. Seinfeld

Do I really even need to say anything?!

It's Seinfeld!

4. Shameless

If you're not already watching Shameless then to be honest, I'm kind of jealous of you.

That's cause it's a great show with 8 seasons already out so if you do dive in now, you've got sooo much to look foward to. This show is the definition of never a dull moment and it helps that the actors are really amazing, too.

5. Homeland

This Emmy-award winning, ongoing Showtime series stars Claire Danes as a CIA officer.

If you like spy thrillers and fantastic acting, Homeland won't let you down.

6. Westworld

This weird and wonderful show dives into the world of artificial intelligence, and what AI means for humans.

With a stellar cast including Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, and Thandie Newton to name a few, HBO really delivered with this suspenseful drama.

7. True Detective

Another show on the list that I would consider on of my favourites of all time. Honesly, I never watched the second season but I can't wait for the third.

The first season stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as two detectives who are on a case together despite tense relations.

8. Broad City

Kind of like Sex and the City if they were broke and high all the time. If you are in your twenties, love to laugh, and have never seen this show then GO WATCH IT NOW.

While many might try to say it's for girls, I know a ton of dudes that think Abi and Ilana are completely hilarious. Trust me, this show is amazing.

9. Sex and the City

The original Broad City, the ladies from Sex and the City are staples in most modern women's lives.

Whether you're a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, or Miranda, the entirety of SATC is bound to entertain for hours.

10. The Newsroom

The Newsroom is one of my favourite shows of all time and if you're a fan of Aaron Sorkin then I'm sure you know why.

With Jeff Daniels at the helm, this ensemble cast does a remarkable job of telling the story of a group of journalists who do their best to tell stories as they happens, live on the news.

11. Twin Peaks

This weird and wacky cult classic made a comeback last year. Whether you care for the reboot or not, the original is available on Crave and it is amazing.

Go ahead and see what Riverdale is trying so hard to acheive.

12. The Handmaid's Tale

Based on the book by Canada's own Margaret Atwood,The Handmaid's Tale is a chilling dystopian thriller.

Expect tons of suspense and sexual outrage while watching this ongoing series starring Elizabeth Moss.

13. True Blood

Kind of like the adult Vampire Diaries,True Blood is another HBO classic that has always been a fan favourite.

I've never seen it, which is all the more reason to switch to Crave and give it a go.

14. Doctor Who

For fans of the Time Lord, there is no better place to catch all the seasons of the Doctor in all his forms.

They've even got all the Christmas specials ready for binge season!

15. Orphan Black

This Emmy-award winning show is a Canadian science fiction series that is full of suspense, unexpected turns and... a lot of Tatiana Maslanys.

The show is about a girl who sees herself jump in front of a train — and realizes that person was her clone... and one of many.


The true SATC 2.0, Lena Dunham's GIRLS blazed the trail for female storytelling on the small screen

If you like honest, sometimes unlikeable characters who are quirky, fun and even frustrating at times, this show is a must-see.

17. Star Trek

Crave obviously has the lockdown on Star Trek because they have literally every season.

Start from the OriginalSeries and work your way to the current season and you will be the ultimate Trekkie.

18. Entourage

One of HBO's cult classics,Entourage ran for seven years, so there's no shortage of episodes to keep you entertained.

Loosely based on Mark Wahlberg's experience breaking into the Hollywood scene, the show follows a young actor, his brother, and two of his best friends he has brought on up from Queens, New York.

19. Big Little Lies

One of the most brilliant shows of the year,Big Little Lies stole the show with its knock-out ensemble cast of beautiful and talented women, including Zoe Kravitz and Laura Dern.

I won't ruin anything but I will say... the end is amazing.

20. Masters of Sex

One of Showtime's more recent orignals, Masters of Sex follows the start of the scientific research of sex in all its steamy, awkward glory.

It also features Janice Ian from Mean Girls... yes, that is the same person.

21. Dexter

All eight seasons of this slasher series are available on Crave.

This Showtime original aired from 2006-2013 and the first couple seasons have amazing ratings on Rotten Tomatoes... the second season has a 100% Tomatometer score!

22. House of Lies

Staring Don Cheadle as a bigshot consultant, House of Lies is a quick-moving and edgy dramedy.

Alongside Cheadle are Kristen Bell and Ben Schwartz, so you know the comedic timing is on point.

23. The Wire

This is another HBO show that is often touted as being "the best of all time," so it's definitely worth a watch.

Every season of this critically acclaimed drama is available on Crave.

24. Band of Brothers

Produced by Stephen Speilberg and Tom Hanks, this American war miniseries won Best Miniseries at the Emmys and the Golden Globes in 2001.

With a fantastic cast and interviews from real veterans, this show is war drama at its very best.

25. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

This ongoing superhero drama stars Clark Gregg has he reprises his role of Agent Coulson from the Ironman and Avengers movies.

With strong ratings and two Emmy nods this year, this could just be your new favourit superhero show.

26. Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects stars Amy Adams as a reporter who returns to her hometown to report on several murders of young girls.

Her mother is played by Patricia Clarkson and again, no spoilers but... wait for the end.

27. Big Love

Another HBO classic show staring Bill Paxton, alongside Chloe Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin who play two of his three wives.

Over the five seasons the show explores the family that practices polygamy in today's modern society.

28. Californication

Another Showtime cult-classic,Californication follows the life of Hank, a writer who begrudgingly moves from New York to L.A. and never seems to get over it.

Watch him hilariously screw up nearly every relationship in his life as he drinks, smokes and seduces his way across L.A.

29. Show Me A Hero

Based on the true story of the mayor of Yonkers, Show Me A Hero tells the story of a man who is just trying to do right by his city.

Catherine Keener co-stars as a racist townsperson and she delivers one of the best performances in this ensemble cast.

30. United States of Tara

Penned by the writer of Juno,United States of Tara follow a woman with multiple personality disorder.

Toni Collette stars as Tara and she is an absolute knock-out.

If I've convinced you that Crave is where it's at, check out their site here.

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