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30 Struggles You Will Only Understand If You're A Dawson College Student

Get off your Omnivox and read this article.
30 Struggles You Will Only Understand If You're A Dawson College Student

Calling on all Dawson students! This one goes out to you! It may be summer but school is just around the corner. All my fellow Dawson students can even smell the next semester approaching as they have finalised their schedule for the fall 2016 semester yesterday (sorry to those who have forgot and that I just shocked). Being a second year Dawson Liberal Arts student, I can honestly speak on behalf of everyone and say that Dawson College is unique and has MANY struggles.

I truly believe that every Dawson student can relate to more than half of these struggles that we all face. Don't get me wrong, Dawson College is unbelievable amazing in so many ways but, we all know that sometimes we dread going to school there. We Dawson students are lucky in so many ways to go to a school in the heart of Down Town Montreal but, this also poses many struggles for us. First, I would just like to say that all Dawson students are privileged enough to be getting an education and that I know for a fact most of us recognise this.

So sit back and have fun reflecting on when you experienced all these struggles. Also, if you have any struggles you would like to add be sure to comment below and share your Dawson College experiences. This article is all about My Dawson College and I know that all you Dawson students will have a good laugh at most of these. Enjoy!

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1. The Struggle Of Going To School In A Mall

The first struggle of many is the fact that Dawson College is literally situated in a shopping mall AKA Alexis Nihon! This offers great opportunities to go last minute shopping but this also gives Dawson students the chance to go boredom shopping on their break. Not only do you spend money on clothes, but you also spend A LOT on food! I can't tell you how many times I've had a long break and decided to window shop but spent 100$ on anything and everything. Honestly, being a girl, I can say that I am somewhat pleased that Olivia closed since I would spend every pay-check there for no reason. So going to Dawson mostly means that you are somewhat broke from shopping. Dawson is surrounded by malls and by being situated in one this also causes a lot of people traffic.

2. The Struggle Of Trying To Find A Seat In The Caf

Since Dawson College is home to over 6,000 students, there happens to be a limited amount of seats available in the cafeteria. The cafeteria is fairly small and most of the time when you do find a seat it's covered in food or next to random people you don't necessarily want to talk with. More than often, the caf is actually just filled with people loafing out for absolute no reason but to socialise. So, if you want to eat try Conrad's, Alexis Nihon, outside, or the Forum.

3. The Struggle Of Waiting In Line At Thai Express

Well ya Thai Express is everyone's favourite place to eat but, when you go to Dawson College and you want Thai Express you better get ready to wait in line FOREVER. They even put ropes and poles out to control the crazy lines! So maybe try bringing your own lunch every once in awhile.

 4. The Struggle Of Going To Smoke Outside On The Steps

For all those smokers out there, through observation and through some of my friends, I can come to the conclusion that there is a struggle for smokers at Dawson College. The Most popular location is the steps behind the cafeteria and in front of the school. The steps are filled with cigarette buds and loads of people. But the biggest struggle is winter and when it rains!

5. The Struggle Of Having A Minuscule Locker

For those solo locker owners of Dawson College, we all understand the struggle of having a cubby hole as a locker. I would like to ask whoever designed the locker area what the F. What were they thinking? Like how is my jacket, boots, and books going to fit in here? There isn't much you can do but don't worry, I believe in you!

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6. The Struggle Of Seeing The Obscene On The 8th Floor

Oh yes... I went there. All Dawson students know what happens on the 8th floor. Let's just say that it's a good thing that Dawson gives away free condoms because you don't even wanna know what goes on there but you sadly do. The 8th floor is usually deserted and since everyone is a horny 18 year old it's the perfect location ( I hope I'm not giving you any ideas). I just hope I never walk in on anyone...

7. The Struggle Of Having A locker On The 8th Floor

Because there are over 6,000 people just loafing at Dawson, some students get stuck with lockers on the 8th floor. First, this is a pain because you are constantly seeing people doing what I mentioned above but, also because it takes SO LONG to get there! If you have a locker on the 8th floor you are probably almost always late for class.

8. The Struggle Of Being Constantly Surrounded By Weird Smells

OK, so at around 1-2 pm, there is the most awful smell that comes from the metro sushi shop. This smell not only hits you in the face once you get off the metro but it also follows you all the way to the atrium in Dawson. I think I gag almost every time I smell it! Also, who hasn't realised the weird smell that comes from Conrads every once in awhile... It is so gross and there is always a weird fishy smell that comes from the cafeteria on the 3rd floor. Let's just say that Dawson has a specific stink to it.

9. The Struggle Of Trying To Find Room In The Library During Exam Period

Dawson College has an amazing library and this makes it all the more valuable. During exam period, the library is absolutely packed! It is close to impossible to find a seat and forget about the study rooms! So, I suggest finding your own little place to sit and study (for me it's the forum).

10. The Struggle Of The First Escalator Being Broken EVERY Morning

What I dread the most, yes I am a lazy Dawson student, is having to walk up the first escalator every morning since it apparently can't handle everyone's weight. I can't remember the last time that it wasn't broken.

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11. The Struggle Of Having A Class On The 8th Floor

I am extremely happy to say that this has not happened to me yet but, a majority of Dawson students sadly have classes on the 8th floor. It is such a drag and you are almost always late since you need to wait for the elevator.

 12. The Struggle Of Trying Not To Play Briscola In The Caf

For all my fellow Italians who also happen to be Dawson students, I know the temptations of skipping class and playing brisc with your friends. I know it happens to many Dawson students since the temptation of an Italian card game is so strong but, sometimes we should just go to class. I mean we have basically invaded the caf.

13. The Struggle Of Having A 4 Hour Break

Oh yes... the dreaded 4 hour break that we have all had at least once in our time at Dawson. The 4 hour break is a Dawson student's absolute worst nightmare. So either go home and never come back or find a way to keep busy because 4 hours is a long time.

14. The Struggle Of Waiting 3 Hours On The Help Line When Making Your Schedule

This probably just happened to a majority of you Dawson students who have made their schedule this week. The Dawson Helpline is the absolute worst! A majority of Dawson students have to wait SO LONG to even get through and then once you are through you have to wait on hold for someone to help you (who doesn't know what the f* they are doing).

15.The Struggle Of Knowing At Least One Person In Every Class

This may sound like a weird struggle but let's be real, there is almost always at least one person you know in your class. Now the Dawson struggle is that half the time it is someone you don't like! Unfortunately you are stuck with them...

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16. The Struggle Of Going To Tim Horton's And Being Late For Class

The Tim Horton's at Atwater happens to be ALWAYS super busy especially in the morning. So, if you are running late but you need that morning coffee, just accept the fact that you are going to be late for class and wait patiently in line for 10 minutes. In the end, it is probably worth it to wait but let's be honest, sometimes the lines are ridiculous.

17. The Struggle Of The Metro Breaking Down

The moment when all Dawson students have a mini heart attack... when the metro breaks down. Of course the metro always stops working when you have an exam or when you are already running late for class. Dawson students understand the frustration of being stuck in a metro or waiting forever for one to come. So prepare for the worst since the STM will never change.

18. The Struggle Of Walking Past The Homeless Every Morning

This honestly breaks my heart, every morning Dawson students see the same homeless people. It is a touchy topic since everyone would like to give money everyday but sometimes it's hard. I hope that soon Dawson can help resolve the homeless situation in Montreal by providing them with the proper equipment to live healthy in Montreal.

19. The Struggle Of Walking Into The Bathroom And Finding Someone Taking A Selfie

The sad struggle we have all participated in and that we all judge others about... when a student takes a picture in the Dawson bathroom. Most Dawson students have probably done this but it is always a struggle when you walk into the bathroom and you find someone taking a selfie.

20. The Struggle Of Getting Free Lunch And Not Knowing What It Is

Dawson College offers this great lunch program where you leave a container with your name on it outside of Conrads and they supply a free vegetarian meal! The food is almost always good but let's be honest... sometimes we get something and we have NO idea what it is! It usually is good but sometimes it's nice to know what you are eating.

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21. The Struggle Of Having A Class In The Forum (BEWARE OF COPS)

My largest struggle as a Dawson student that most other students have also experienced, is the struggle of having a class in the forum. First, it takes forever to get there and once you get to the cross walk the light takes forever! But, when you decide to make the brave decision to cross against the light the cops are there waiting. So, after you have gotten your ticket you need to wait for the elevator that is always packed or you can walk up 6 flights of stairs. Afterwards, you need to find your class and once you get there you are probably sweating and late!

22. The Struggle Of Having An Absolutely Horrible Schedule

A large amount of Dawson Students happen to be stuck with the most horrible schedules! It is absolutely the worst when you get stuck with a crappy schedule which almost always happens to a majority of Dawson students.

23. The Struggle Of Getting Stuck With A Gym Intensive

By the time a Dawson student finishes their schedule, they almost always get stuck with a gym intensive that they never wanted. Most students will drop their skiing, hiking, canoeing, or tennis intensive (which are all super cool) since it costs more money and requires time out of school.

24. The Struggles Of Being In A Liberal Arts Cult

Dawson College has a great program, Liberal Arts, that I am lucky enough to be apart of. But being in the Liberal Arts program does come with it's down falls. Many other Dawson students consider us a cult... which isn't completely wrong. We are a very close program but we aren't all nerds, hipsters, and artists who have no social life. A lot of us are actually athletes and we actually do have a social life. But beware, the Dawson Liberal Arts program does have some cult like qualities...

25. The Struggle Of Being Considered Stupid For Being In Social

Even though I am not in Dawson College's Social program, I still absolutely hate the stigma placed on students who choose social as their program. No, they aren't all stupid and no they all didn't choose social for no reason because they didn't know what else they wanted. A majority of social Dawson students are super intelligent and could be in any program they wanted but they chose social at Dawson for a reason.

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26. The Struggle Of Trying to Sneak Food Into The Library

Of yes... the daily struggle of trying to sneak food into the library does not always succeed. Dawson students are not permitted to eat in the library but that doesn't stop us! It is a huge struggle to try and sneak food in the library and to eat it quietly but we have all developed our own methods.

27. The Struggle Of Hearing Music Blast From The Atrium Events

Dawson has never and will never be a quiet school. They always have fabulous activities in the Atrium however, these activities almost always blast music when you just want some piece and quiet. Every Dawson student understand the struggle of just wanting a quiet area to chill out and to not get a headache.

28. The Struggle Of Going To The Academic Advising Office

Dawson offers academic advising which is great...when you get someone who knows what they are talking about. But honestly, it is rare that I find or that I hear of someone who actually knows what they are doing. Half the time they say you need to do extra semesters when you are switching programs but beware! You don't always have too!

29. The Struggle Of Having To Dress Nice

Since Dawson College is located down town, Dawson students understand the daily struggle of having to dress a little nicer. I mean some days I really don't care how I look but most Dawson students dress on point! I have to admit that we Dawson students have great style!

30. The Struggle Of Loving Dawson Too Much

Dawson College is absolutely an amazing school! Sometimes the struggles mentioned above do make me hate it a little but the ambience is great for me. I love my program and the people but more importantly I am receiving a great education in a safe and social environment.

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