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30 Surreal Places In Canada You Won’t Believe Really Exist

Mind blowing.
30 Surreal Places In Canada You Won’t Believe Really Exist

Canada is filled with insane places to visit, but I bet you didn't know about all these SURREAL places that are right in your own country. Okay, so you may have heard of some of these spectacular places, but I garantee some were a suprise to you!

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Canada holds some great secret gems that you have to discover. I mean, I can barely believe that these places are in my own country and I didn't know they existed! Well, I guess we all know where we are going this summer 2017... 100% somewhere for this list!

1. Tofino // British Columbia

11 out of 10 #tuffcity

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2. Georgian Bay Grotto // Ontario

Hoping to check this place out on Saturday if weather permits! #georgianbaygrotto

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Georgian Bay Grotto, Ontário, Canadá. #georgianbaygrotto #ontario #travel

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3. Mount Thor in Baffin Island // Nunavut

Valley of Thor, Baffin Islands #Canada Photo: @arturstanisz #wildernessculture

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catching a glimpse of Thor through the clouds. #Auyuittuq #explore #arctic #canada

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5. Athabasca Ice Cave in Jasper // Alberta

#javierdlt #javierdelatorre #photoexperience4u #px4u #athabascaicecave #athabasca #athabascaglacier

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#athabascaicecave #athabascaglacier #icecave

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9. Morraine Lake // Banff National Park AB

counting all the peaks I want to do this summer...

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Nothing like an ice bath in the morning

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14. Nahanni National Park // Northwest Territories

Tbt to chilling at Virginia Falls! Take me back #nahanni #virginiafalls #spectacularnwt #sharethechair

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The most diverse national park in Canada: Nahanni National Park Reserve. #discoverychannel

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17. Pebble Creek // British Columbia

Glad I finally made it out to this spot. Great way to soak up a hangover as big as those boulders #pemberton #loggingroadripper

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To epic views, tasty brews and a solid crew! Happy 33 Candace! 🍻🎈

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18. Katherine's Cove // Ontario

On ne pouvait pas s'empêcher d'arrêter et d'aller pour une petite saucette! #katherinecove #lakesuperior #lacsuperieur #roadtrip #pitstop #fromhereandaway

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Amazing place to stop between Sault Ste Marie and Wawa #katherinecove #northernontario #peaceful #relaxing

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19. Pingualuit Crater // Quebec

#Quebec / trek in #Pingualuit national park / Trek dans le Parc National de Pingualuit #Nunavik Credit photo : TQ, Heïko Wittenborn

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Pingualuit Crater, cratera de impacto no Canadá. #pingualuitcrater #impactcrater #canada #travel

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20. Yoho National Park // British Columbia

What's everyone doing for Sunday Funday? We'll be having a powder day on the mountains⛄️❄️

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21. Scarborough Bluffs // Ontario


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25. Chute Vaureal // QC

#Anticosti #chutevaureal #2eplushautechuteducanada #trèsbellejournée #vaureal

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🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟 #anticosti

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26. Gros Morne National Park // Newfoundland & Labrador

The best place for lunch breaks are on rocks hanging off the side of a mountain.🙊🍔

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27. Botanical Beach // Port Renfrew, British Columbia

Someone get me a drankkk🍹🌴

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In case you couldn't tell from all the other pics, I really love this beach! 👌🏻

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28. Plage Du Havre   // Havre-Aubert, Quebec

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Le Havre 🐚🌊 #love#friends#friendship#quebec#plage#wow#nature#havrestpierre

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