30 Things Montrealers Do Better Than Everyone Else

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30 Things Montrealers Do Better Than Everyone Else

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You don't need us telling you how wonderful, how unique, how singularly awesome Montreal is, and while you can rest assured MTL Blog will never, ever, tire of making sure the world knows this, a huge part of what makes this city so special is the people. You, our fellow Montrealers, are what makes this whole thing work. Montreal has got a serious international rep in a wide range of categories, but it's the people doing their thing everyday that has really earned our city its indisputable street cred.

1. Hockey

Even the most die-hard fans of any other (lesser) franchise cannot deny the integral role the Montreal Habs hold in the National Hockey League. With 24 Stanley Cups, and the longest continuously operating professional ice hockey team that even predates the NHL itself, Montrealers celebrate our game like nowhere else.

2. Partying

The fact that Montreal is known as Festival City should be some indication as to how hard Montrealers like to party. As North America’s number one host city for international events,parties, and gatherings of all sorts happening at any time of the year, Montrealers sure know how to turn up and rock out with their cocks out like it was nobody's business.

3. Eating

Believe it or not, Montreal has the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada, and top 5 in all of North America. That's impressive enough as it is, but it takes people eating at these restaurants for them to even exist in such great numbers. Montrealers love to eat, and eat often, and the good people of Montreal are dishing out and eating up some of the best food around.

4. Jaywalking

Anyone, from any city, can walk across a street at the designated intersection at the designated time, and sure, some even sneak across on a red, but Montreal pedestrians really do own this city. We cross wherever, whenever, however we want, often not even needing to look both ways first, like a baws.

5. Bilingualism

A major point of contention in Canada, is Quebec's language debate, and while this has seen many province leaders push for sovereignty, Montrealers have always held it down, proving that the two languages can coexist, and even thrive together.

6. Showing Pride

Our pride (narcissism) for our city is unsurpassed. Fact - Montrealers love their city, but we love expressing how much we love it even more. As far as we're concerned, Montreal is the only Canadian city worth living in and we are not shy to make sure everyone knows it.

7. Multitasking

The world today is crazy hectic which means that Montrealers need to keep on top of many things at once. Only a Montrealer can Bixi, text plans for that night, listen to music, all while carrying a second-hand bookshelf on their lap across the city, just as an example.

8. Complaining

Whether it's gripes about the weather, road closures/construction, pedestrians, students, taxes, or whatever else we can think of really, let's face it, we like to bitch, and we bitch with the best of them.

9. Making Street Art

If you haven't noticed, Montreal is literally covered in graffiti, and while some will automatically associate it to vandalism, the truth is Montrealers love to beautify the city with glorious works of street art. Montrealers even throw various street art festivals to showcase this raw talent.

10. Tolerating

A city's cultural fabric is distinguished by its inclusion of all kind and creed, and Montrealers not only welcome this diversity, we celebrate it, because we know it is one of the main things that make Montreal so great.

11. Cycling

Montreal was recently ranked as the #3 best cycling city in the world, and yes, that is largely due to the the city's awesome cycling infrastructure, but it comes down to the Montrealers who are using it everyday and making it count.

12. Thinking Outside The Box

There's a reason so many people flock to Montreal and that's because Montrealers are never afraid to think outside the box. We do things differently, encouraging unconventionality as much as possible, and making sure we always stand out from the crowd.

13. Making/Eating Bagels

Fact - Montreal bagels are the premier bagel in the world, and there is simply no substitute for a Montrealer. Lots of places claim they have good bagels, but it ultimately comes down to the water they're made with and the people who make them. Montrealers know and love their bagels better than anyone else.

14. Froshing

Since Montreal consistently ranks as one of the top post-secondary cities in the world, it's no surprise we have a healthy student body. While most universities usher in the beginning of term with various rallies and celebrations, Montreal froshies take it to a whole new level. They are a staple of our fall season, taking over the whole city with a vengeance.

15. Making Music

Music has always been an integral part of Montreal which means that inspiration levels for musicians in this city runs deep. Doesn't matter the genre, Montrealers make world-class music with a uniquely familiar sound.

16. Honouring Felines

Sure, pretty much anywhere you go, people love cats. The ancient Egyptians treated them like royalty, and they all but own the internet, but not only are cats man's new best friend, Montrealers are the first in North America to give them their own cafe!

17. Puff Puff Passing

Ok, so Montreal hasn't legalized marijuana (yet), but that's probably because Montrealers have made it so mainstream, that it essentially already is. So much so, Montrealers even gather en masse every week in the middle of the city, on a mountain, to revere the lovely Mary-Jane. Not only that, we are puffing the best quality THC this side of the Atlantic.

18. Navigating The City Underground

Only in Montreal can you bypass the constraints of weather by getting around the downtown core in a fully-functional underground city. Complete with shops, cafes, access points, and Muzak, Montrealers use this luxury daily and we use it well, getting from point A to point B effortlessly.

19. Styling

Fashion in Montreal is very important, and Montrealers are some of the best dressed people in the world. Doesn't matter what walk of life you come from, Montrealers pride themselves on their personal style and take it with them everywhere they go.

20. Road Raging

Fact - Driving a car in traffic is the worst. It's tremendously frustrating to be stuck behind a line of immobile cars, especially when you need to be somewhere. No one expresses this rage better than a Montrealer can, even though there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

21. Enjoying The Summer

Montreal experiences particularly brutal winters, often bringing even the burliest of lumberjacks to tears with a never ending onslaught of frigid wind and mountains of snow. What keeps us going is undoubtedly the summer season. For 3 months of the year, Montrealers successfully repress the horror that is winter with monumental summers, enjoyed to the very last drop.

22. Architecturing/Designing

As one of the original settlements of the New World, Montreal's architecture has retained some of the finest architecture in North America. Old Montreal is a perfect example of some of the former mastery of this architecture, but even today, Montrealers have earned the city an inclusion as a UNESCO City of Design.

23. Protesting

Montrealers stand up for what they believe in and are not afraid to show it. Protests are a fairly common site in Montreal, and thanks to dedicated Montrealers, a lot of issues that are otherwise ignored, get addressed.

24. Offering Free Activities

Montreal is a major cultural hub in North America, offering some of the best in art, theater, food, comedy, music, literature, you name it, but Montrealers are also outstanding at offering all sort of entertainment for free.

25. Not Letting Winter Slow Us Down

Yes, we bitch about winter even before it starts, but Montrealers will never let winter get in our way. It could be a blizzard with gale-force winds, 2 feet of snow, and feel like -40 with the wind-chill factor, but a Montrealer still gets shit done and even looks good doing it.

26. Terrassesing

If there is anything that a Montrealer can do, it's enjoy a chilled drink and sample delicious food on a sunny terrasse. Montrealers make eating outside sexy, with terrasse-time being a top priority.

27. Drinking Wine

Apart from the awesome micro-brewers producing some of the finest ales around, Montrealers are also true wine connoiseurs. Appreciating wines from all over, including some brilliant home-grown talent, a true Montrealer knows that drinking a good vintage is on par with a religious experience.

28. Hosting Celebrities

Thanks to gorgeous and authentic locations all around the city, Montreal enjoys a fair share of Hollywood movie shoots. That means a lot of A-listers come to call Montreal home for a period of time, and it couldn't be done without the discreet hospitality of Montrealers. Some celebrities even feel comfortable enough to take the metro while sightseeing.

29. Public Transporting

With one of the best systems in North America, Montrealers are not afraid to use public transport to get around. In fact, 29% of Montrealers commute by public transit, bicycle, or on foot, compared to the average of 13%.

30. Poutining

Montrealers eat poutine better and more often than anyone else. MTL Blog knows this. You know this.

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