30 Things To Do In Montreal Before You're 30

Get these out of your system before it's too late.
30 Things To Do In Montreal Before You're 30

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Adulthood begins at 30 nowadays, which gives all of us 20-nothings a solid decade to chill, party, and basically live without a care in the world. Gotta love the that millennial mentality.

Still, your youth won't last forever, and there are certain things you can really only do in Montreal before you've hit the 30 mark. We're not being ageist, it's just kinda true. No one wants to see a mother/father of two kids dancing on the table tops of a bar.

To make sure you check everything off the before-30 bucket list, here are our 30 suggestions of things to do before you're thirty:

1. Make out by the water in the Old Port

  • The most romantic, and made even more adorbz with that whole "young and in love" vibe.

2. Go to a monster truck rally the Big O

  • Surprisingly fun, and you probably wouldn't want to be seen here when you're trying to be an adult.

3. Check out the Pride Parade

  • If only for the costumes alone.

4. Smoke a joint at Tams

5. Drink a 40 of beer in an alley

  • Not classy in slightest, but, hey, you're young.

6. Dance your face off at IglooFest

  • Moving around in winter-wear is easier when you're young 'n limber.

7. Walk up Mount Royal at 3am

  • 20-somethings look less sketchy

8. Ride the mechanical bull at Chez Serge

  • A drunken mistake every time, one you're better off making sooner rather than later.

9. See a live show at Quartier des Spectacles

  • Especially if it's free (the best four letter word to anyone below 30).

10. Go to all three days of Osheaga

  • You'll likely not have the energy for a full three day music festival as you grow in the years.

11. Party at Piknic Electronik for 7 hours straight

  • Sunburns won't slow you down...for now.

12. Watch the International Fireworks Competition from a rooftop terasse

13. See a Habs game live

  • You'll probably be taking your kids eventually, but you'll have to watch your language/beer-intake at that point.

14. Go to Bass Drive Wednesdays at Le Belmont

15. LARP (aka pretend medieval-battle at Tams)

  • This just becomes overly-nerdy once you hit the 30-mark. You'll also probably less battle-fit.

16. Frosh with some Froshies

  • Even is you don't go to the school, no one will be able to tell...as long as you're still in the age demographic.

17. Stay up all night and see the sunrise from the Mount Royal Observatory

  • The number of non-work-related all-nighters you'll be pulling past 30 will probably be pretty minimal.

18. Do Halloween at La Ronde

  • Being drunk with zany young folk in costumes is a little pedo when you're 10+ years older.

19. Go to any strip club and spend way too much money

  • When you're young, you're just having a good time. When you're older, its a little depressing and irresponsible.

20. Get a 'lil stoned and see the Gardens of Light lanterns at the Botanical Gardens

  • Tripping out to lights is still cute when you're in your 20s.

21. Chill all day in the park on a Monday

  • Preferably with many bottles of wine.

22. Climb Mount Royal on the rocks, not through the path

  • If you injure yourself, at least your young body will be able to heal itself more quickly.

23. Ride a Quadricycle in the Old Port

  • When you do this with your kids, you'll be doing most of the work. At least now your pals will share the load.

24. See an Expos game

  • We live in a fantasy world of our own creation, please don't tear back the curtain to reality and let us enjoy ourselves.

25. Crash a house party in a borough you don't live in

  • The amount of house parties you'll actually catch wind of after 30 is minimal.

26. Hook up with a random stranger at Foufounes Électriques

  • Everybody gets one, and its best (for your integrity) to do it while you're still in the age-range of everyone else.

27. Do everything Nuit Blanche-related, all night long

  • Again, you probably won't have the energy to rage 'til morn as you get older

28. If you live downtown, go to the West Island. If you live in the West Island, go out downtown

  • When people from either 'hood say they haven't been to the other, it baffles our brains.

29. Be the last of your friends to get married

  • Perhaps the best version of "the waiting game" there is.

30. Eat a poutine at 3am at Montreal Pool Room

  • While your metabolism can still handle it.

What's on your before-30 bucket list?

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