30 Things To Do In Montreal If You're Single This February 2016

Life can be fun when you're rolling solo.
30 Things To Do In Montreal If You're Single This February 2016

Being single in Montreal definitely has its perks. Our city is full of activities for people who prefer to roll solo. So get in a good mood, forget about upcoming Valentine's day and enjoy your singlehood (yeah, I just invented that word). Also, pour yourself a big cup of coffee, because I've compiled the ultimate list of things to do for us, single people. Read it, let it marinate and then do something fun with your life... perhaps this weekend?

1.Walk around the city because, allegedly, "winter is officially over."

2. Eat poutine during Poutine Week (Feb. 1-7, 2016).

3. Go on a strike, because there are going to be a lot of those in and around our city... we can even start a "single people protest."

4. Sing your sorrows away at a karaoke bar.

5. Rent a cottage up North with your friends.

6. Go ice skating... alone. Why not, eh?

8. Eat chocolate (and cry?) during Montreal's Chocolate Festival.

9. Get out of Montreal, flights are cheap.

10. Get drunk on wine at Montreal's new "Wine Bar Restaurant."

11. Adopt a puppy (please remember, this is a very serious and long-term commitment).

12. Download the new Montreal based dating app called Cerka and flirt away.

13. Treat yourself to a nice spa session... if you're feeling exceptionally sad, I suggest a massage.

14. Celebrate Nutella Day on Feb 5th, 2016 by eating the whole jar, with a spoon, alone.

15. Chill at the secret heated pool.

16. Go to a strip club, yolo.

17. Visit Montreal's first-ever arcade-bar on St-Laurent.

Photo cred - cdn.newadnetwork

18. Participate in a bubble soccer tournament (until Feb. 7).

19. Go to Mont-Tremblant for a weekend.

20. Get drunk at a Montreal bar for under $40.

22. Party at Beachclub's winter EDM festival on Feb. 20 and 21st.

23. Stuff your face with doughnuts from Little Italy's new secret shop.

24. Order something cool from Tim Horton's secret menu.

25. Visit Montreal's all-new "all you can drink $3" coffee shop.

26. Buy cheap groceries and cook yourself a nice dinner.

28. Attend "Quebec Cheeses" festival.

Photo cred - favim

29. Get in shape, it's easier than you think.

30. Go out on a date and bring them to one of these places.

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