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30 Things To Do In Montreal When You're Bored This Spring

When the snow melts, so does your boredom.

Friends, have you been feeling restless in Montreal lately? It's okay if you have, because spring is a time of change. The snow is melting, finals are popping up, it's too hot to do fun winter things but still somehow too chilly to start doing fun summer things... it's only natural to feel a little out of sorts.

But in Montreal, being truly bored is just not possible. There are so many fun, awesome things to do in the city that you can't help but find at least some fun, no matter what. So if you're having a bit of trouble warding off those icky boredom vibes, don't worry, I've got your back.

1. Get your eating pants on and check out as many Montreal food trucks as you can.

2. Grab some friends and check out Montreal's Pirate Ship Adventure Course.

3. Craving something sweet? Until mid-April, get yourself to any one of these sugar shacks.

4. Celebrate the beginning of better weather by getting a picnic basket from Dinette Triple Crown, and having a picnic at the nearest park.

5. Take a trip to Montreal's Ahuntsic and taste one seriously awesome banh-mi sandwich.

6. Swing your boredom away at Montreal's Quartier Des Spectacles' 21 Balançoires musical swings.

7. Or check out any one of Montreal's many awesome upcoming outdoor festivals.

8. Head down to Ben & Jerry's on April 12 for some free ice cream. Eat it while taking in the beautiful sights of downtown Montreal.

9. Dance away the doldrums at Montreal's five day salsa fest.

10. Take a stroll through Beaver Lake and admire all the beautiful, budding greenery.

11. Get rid of that boredom vibe and check out Montreal's Tam Tams on Mount Royal, every Sunday starting in May.

12. Check out Canada's biggest cheese festival on April 14, and feel the boredom melting away.

13. Until April 24, head on over to Montreal's Botanical Gardens for their awesome "Butterflies Go Free" exhibition.

14. Prep for summer and rediscover your love of day-drinking by grabbing some sangria on the nicest terrasse you can find.

15. On May 7, rave away the boredom at Montreal's super fun "Paint Rave."

16. Nab some tickets to Montreal's Lobster festival and prepare to have some serious food fun.

17. Love to bike? Get yourself to the nearest Bixi stand and give yourself a Bixi tour around Montreal.

18. Take the chocolate lover in your life out on an awesome date. Hint: It's okay if the chocolate lover in your life is you.

19. Or prep for that summer bod by dining at one of Montreal's most healthy restaurants.

20. On April 30, take a croissant tour of Montreal and enjoy $1 croissants at all of the spots participating. (Just kidding. Don't eat 50 croissants. Do not recommend.)

21. Get yourself to La Diperie for an iconic ice cream cone. Instagram it and bask in the number of likes you're sure to get.

22. Vintage music fans, get prepared for some serious fun, and head out to Montreal's "vintage music festival" in May.

23. Like drinking? Like playing arcade games? Head out to Arcade MTL and combine both your passions for one fun-filled evening.

24. If you're slightly broke, but don't want to suffer through a boring spring, do anything on this list of free Montreal things to do in April.

25. Looking for something more adventurous to do? Zip across the Old Port on Montreal's spring zipline.

26. Party away your boredom on April 17, at Mount Royal's outdoor rave.

27. Feeling bangry? (Bored and angry. Not the other thing). Toss a couple of axes at Montreal's very own Rage Academy.

28. Fantasize about exploring Quebec this summer; then actually plan it out.

29. Take a (short) spring road trip with some friends, and check out this Quebec tulip festival.

30. Celebrate spring the right way by noshing on one (or three) of these springtime poutines.

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