30 Things You Gotta Do This Fall In Montreal

You'll be 'fall'in for this city!
30 Things You Gotta Do This Fall In Montreal

Fall is a truly magical season in Montreal. Not only do the leaves carpet the ground with stunning golden colours, the skyline becomes dotted with bright reds and deep oranges that will take your breath away. 

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There's also the fact that the air becomes crisp and cool and we can walk out our front doors wearing cozy sweaters and fashionable boots and not worry about sweating all day long. 

Fall in Montreal also means cozy fall drinks like pumpkin spice lattes, tea all day everyday and your first hot chocolate of the season! 

When you look at these things separately they're not all that impressive, but once you put them all together it makes something magical that everyone is able to look forward to! So get ready because after this heat wave, fall is going to hit and there's so many things you've gotta do while it's here!

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1. Look forward to going apple picking in the crisp fall weather at all the amazing apple orchards close to the city!

2. Once you've picked all your fresh apples you've got to bake a homemade apple pie and share it with all your friends. 

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3. If you haven't yet been to the Botanical Garden's Lantern Festival you have until October 31st to go see it!

4. Don't miss out on all of the crazy fun Oktoberfest events happening in and around Montreal this fall!

5. Walk on a stunning carpet of golden leaves that are about to fall all over the paths of Parc Lafontaine in the next couple weeks! 

6. Get completely terrified at Drummondville's super scary haunted village next week!

7. Enjoy all the amazing Pumpkin Spice Lattes from independent cafes around the city that aren't Starbucks.

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8. Hike to the top of Mont Royal to get a stunning view of the city enveloped in gorgeous fall colours.

9. Then start a leaf fight because we're all still kids at heart! 

10. Take your S/O or you BFFs for a fall spa day at one of the city's best spas for ultimate relaxation!

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11. Wander through Montreal's Old Port and get gorgeous views of the scattered golden leaves like the one above.

12. Don't miss out on the last First Friday of the season on October 6th to enjoy some of the best food truck foods in the entire city!

13. Grab your BFFs or your S/O and head out to one of the adorable pumpkin patches near Montreal to find your perfect fall pumpkin.

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14. Don't miss out on the fall colours festival that takes over Quebec once the leaves start to change colours!

15. Visit the super charming Cider Mill that serves fresh cider, amazing food and looks stunning during the fall.

16. Check out the new indoor greenhouse cafe that just opened up for a cozy place to study and catch up on work.

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17. Try all of the best matcha desserts all over the city if you're a true matcha addict.

18. Spend a day at the Jean Talon Market that turns into legit fall wonderland once the leaves change colour. 

19. Spend a weekend or two exploring all beautiful the new cafes that just opened up in the city!

20. Take a few road trips out to the best fall foliage hikes near Montreal that will shock you with their fall beauty!

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21. Check out all the new brunch spots that just opened up that are perfect for a Sunday Autumn outing!

22. You absolutely can't miss the famous Montreal Zombie Walk that's happening on October 28th!

23. Enjoy a fine dining experience and see the most beautiful fall views on this stunning Quebec train ride!

24. Visit the insane Pumpkin Lantern Festival just 1.5 hours away from Montreal that starts on September 29th!

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25. Enjoy a cozy fall day at Montreal's first-ever chai tea bar that serves 5 different kinds of chai!

26. Take a romantic bike ride with your S/O along Montreal's Lachine Canal to see the beautiful colours and crisp fall air!

27. If you're ready to be scared out of your mind you absolutely can't miss the annual Fright Fest at La Ronde on Halloween day!

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28. Enjoy a super cute fall picnic with your friends or S/O at the stunning Westmount Park. 

29. Attend the World Press Photo exhibit to see the top photographs in the world for this year.

30. Walk through the pretty streets of Le Plateau on carpets of golden, red, and orange leaves! 

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