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30 Things You Might Not Know Were Invented In Quebec

You use these things every day of your life.
30 Things You Might Not Know Were Invented In Quebec

When you think of Quebec inventions, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely poutine.

But it turns out that we've invented much more than the worlds quickest way to hate yourself.

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Quebecers have made innovations in the world of food, gadgets, architecture and even medicine.

Now sit back, relax and take a moment to learn about these 30 things you had no idea were invented in Quebec.

1. The Modern Baby Bottle

Baby bottles were pretty complicated before a Quebec man named Jean Saint-Germain came along and perfected them. He has the idea of creating an airless baby bottle.

2. The Wonder-Bra

The Canadian Lady Corset Company of Montreal is accredited with the first trademarking of the term “wonder-bra” in 1939.

3. Starfrit Products

A Longeuil Based company called Les Promotions Atlantiques has actually invented nearly 4,000 Starfrit products since 1965.

4. Wine Coolers

No, I'm not talking about those drinks you stole from your parents as a teenager. This is a gadget that actually cools your wine as you pour it.

5. Smart Tea Pot

This teapot can be programmed to make sure your tea infuses perfectly, no matter what kind of tea you're brewing.

6. Medicine

Lots of medical discoveries have been made in Quebec including treatments for arrhythmia, tests to detect cancer and scoliosis, and even a new way to sterilize surgical equipment.

7. The Customizable House

A Laval company called BONE Structure invented a house that can be rearranged to fit your family's needs. The houses have no nails and no load bearing walls.

8. Peanut Butter

Apparently, it was a Montreal man named Marcellus Gilmore Edson who patented this recipe in 1884.

9. Ice Wine

Who says you can't make wine during the winter?

10. The Snowblower

Arthur Sicard made everyone’s winter easier when he invented the snowblower in 1925.

11. The Snowmobile

One of the many vehicles conceived by Joseph-Armand Bombardier.

12. The Bus Tracker

Two UdeM students founded GIRO, a company that developed some of the first software used by public transport companies.

13. An Affordable Flight Simulator

They may not have invented the flight simulator, but two ex-Concordia students did create a version that costs half the price.

20. BIXI

It may just be a glorified bike, but this bike sharing system is slowly taking over the rod.

21. The IBIS Ballistics Identification System

The most advanced ballistics identification system in the world was invented by Forensic Technology of Montreal.

22. The Electric Nose

A Montreal based company created an electronic nose which can monitor that odors found in industrial and water treatment plants.

 23. The Handyscan

You know those fancy handheld tools to 3D map people? Yup, those were invented right here in Quebec.

24. The Modern Phone

Remember thosw old-timey phones people held with both hands? Well one Quebec man decide to combine the microphone and the speaker into one hand held device.

25.  The Tubeless Tire

Alexis Nihon, invented the tubeless tire in Montreal, a tire that doesn’t need a separate inner tube to support itself.

26. The First Canadian TV

Back when TV was not yet a thing, J. Alphonse Ouimet was key in the design and development of Canada’s first fully functional television set.

27.  Trivial Pursuit

A sports editor from Montreal actually created everyone’s favorite trivia game in 1979.

28.  Hockey

Many accredit the first game of hockey to McGill students who played in Montreal in 1875.

29. The IMAX Theater

The system has its origins in Expo ’67. A group of Canadian filmmakers decided to create a viewing system that used only one powerful projector, rather than multiple projectors.

30. The 3D Puzzle

Montreal businessman Paul Gallant invented the first three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle in 1990.

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