30 Ways To Be A TRUE Montrealer No Matter Where You Are In The World

Repping your city right.
30 Ways To Be A TRUE Montrealer No Matter Where You Are In The World

Even if you simply adore Montreal, and plan on living here your entire life, as many of us do, there will be times when you're not in the city.

Whether it be for work, travel, or school, a Montrealer has to leave the city sometime, but that doesn't mean you can't stay true to your roots wherever you are in the world.

In truth, you probably already do all of these things when in a foreign city, but just in case, here are 30 ways to be a true Montreal no matter what

When someone asks for you number, you always start "514" or "438"

  • Even if you've changed area codes a long time ago.

Hunt for poutine at 3am

  • You may not find it, but you need to try.

Refer to the convenience store as the "dep"

Openly drink a beer in any public park

  • "What, officer, you don't have the picnic law here? I have a baguette!"

Sneer at any bagel that isn't poppy or sesame seed

  • It's a bagel, not a pizza.

Or any bagel that isn't made Montreal-style

  • NYC bagels are basically just bread.

Refer to pastrami as smoked meat

  • It sounds cooler anyway

Never turn down free shots

  • What are you, from Toronto or something?

Wear your Habs jersey on hockey night

  • Beware if you're in Boston.

Have wine with lunch. And dinner. And brunch.

  • Go for breakfast too. It's everyone else's problem if they want to be sober for work.

Never be phased by the poor road conditions, no matter how bad

  • "You call that a pothole? Please, call me when its eaten up a car."

Say "Bonjour/Hi" when greeting anyone

  • It's called being inclusive, duh.

Call any piece of street art or graffiti a "mural"

  • A never-ending ode to MuralFest

Never let the cold weather keep you from going out

  • Winter will never defeat us.

Always say "terrasse" instead of "patio"

  • Bonus: you'll sound hella fancy.

Celebrate "Moving Day" on July 1st

  • What's this "Canada Day" you speak of?

"Happy hour" always comes out sounding like "5 à 7" from your mouth

  • Strange how that happens.

Always be down to party with a random stranger

  • A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet.

Rep an Expos hat

  • Never forget.

Complain about what it was like in Montreal, then vehemently defend the city if anyone tries to bash it

  • It's only okay when you say it.

Always be hungry

  • Because we live to eat.

Not be phased by someone smoking weed down the street

  • Probably because you're the one doing it.

Pick up furniture off the street, and not think it's weird

  • It's a hipster find!

Jaywalk, always.

  • Tickets be damned.

Call any major event a "festival"

  • What else are they called?

Actually walk places

  • A twenty minute walk does not justify a cab ride.

Understand how tipping works

  • All of your friends back home are servers and they've drilled it into your head.

Constantly be taken aback by how expensive rent is

  • But, but it was so cheap in Montreal!

Only leave your house on a Friday night after midnight

  • No matter how early everyone else goes out.

Never be phased by a protest

  • "Oh, that's not a regular thing here?"

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