$300 Million In Unclaimed Extra Cash Remains At Revenu Quebec, And Some Of It May Be Yours

Need some extra cash to fund your summer fun, or just the weekend? You're in luck, as Revenu Quebec is probably holding on to some for you, and you don't even know it.

$300 million is currently just sitting in Revenu Quebec's unclaimed properties fund, a stockpile of cash made up of wills, life insurance properties, past wages and other like amounts not claimed by a specific individual. RQ gets these sums when a business or organization can't find the intended owner after three years, as required by provincial law.

For sums less than $500, RQ will hold onto the cash for 10 years before putting it into Quebec's Generations Fund. Larger sums will be saved for longer, but fees and taxes are taken out of amounts every year, so you're best off claiming your cash now.

The process of claiming your cash is pretty simple. just head to Revenu Quebec's handy search engine/Register of Unclaimed Property, and plug in your name, or the name of anyone/thing associated with your cash flow (e.g. business, lawyer, parent). Even if you don't think your name is in the register, it sure as hell doesn't hurt to try.

For those who missed the hyperlink above, you can get to RQ's Register of Unclaimed Property by clicking here.

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