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31 Cute Montreal Things You Can Do With Your Girlfriend This August

Fun baetivities to experience in the city this month.
31 Cute Montreal Things You Can Do With Your Girlfriend This August

Oh, August. A month for relaxing, soaking up the sun, and spending as much time with your significant other as you possibly can. Why? Because, friends, school/the end of summer is right around the corner.

Which just means that you've got to do everything you possibly can do while you've still got the chance. And if you're struggling to find fun things to do with bae this month, well, struggle no more. I've got your back.

1. Take a cute stroll through the Monkland village for their Flavours Of Monkland food and music festival, August 19 - 21.

2. While you're there, cuddle up with bae as you listen to Hanorah's free live show, August 21.

3. If you and bae love cats as much as you love each other, then on August 18 check out Les Show Des Chats.

4. Or, on August 18, check out Montreal's Vivre Le Patrimoine - Montreal Heritage Fest 2016 together.

5. Yoga lover lovers, check out Montreal's Lole White Tour together in the Old Port on August 18.

6. Paint lovers, rejoice, and attend the Electric Paint Party at Club La Boom on August 7.

7. Or, if clubbing's not your thing, check out the Jackalope Extreme Sports fest like the extreme couple that you are, taking place on the 19 - 21 of August.

8. On August 8, grab your bae and head out to downtown Montreal for Montreal Pride week, and celebrate love.

9. Is your couple song set to the tune of country? Then check out the Montreal Country Festival together on August 19 - 21, in the Old Port

10. Feel like adding a little Italian spice into your lives? Then check out Montreal's Italian week, August 5 - 14, in Little Italy.

11. If you guys love chocolate almost as much as you love each other, then get yourselves to all (yes, all) of these chocoholic-approved eateries.

12. Pack a pic nic and a selfie stick, and bring your significant other to one of the most romantic places in Montreal (AKA, the Botanical Gardens).

13. Or else grab your S/O, grab your car, and head out to some seriously romantic spots outside of Montreal for a firefly viewing party.

14. Trying to save some cash? No worries. Take your lover out to any one of these spots, all for under $40.

15. If you guys are true foodies, then check out Montreal's 2016 Ribfest, August 12 - 14.

16. Then cap off the day with a gorgeous date on any of these romantic Montreal rooftop terrasses.

17. Discover your brand new favourite bao bun spot, hidden in Montreal's Plateau, together as a couple.

18. And when you're done, satisfy that sweetie's sweet tooth with any one (or all) of these amazing gluten-free desserts.

19. Or else celebrate your mutual love for food at Canada's biggest street food festival, taking place on August 5.

20. Are you and bae in love with Pokémon GO? Then catch as many rares as you can together at these romantic Pokétions. (Poké-locations?)

21. And then cap off the night with a trip to this Montreal ice cream shop, for some tasty coconut ash ice cream.

22. Lovers of music? Check out outdoor electronic music fest Piknik Electronik together, weekends throughout the month.

23. Are you and bae fashion lovers? Check out the Eleganza: Italian Fashion From 1945 To Today exhibit at the McCord Museum.

24. Or else check out the Festival Mode & Design fashion festival together, August 15 - 20.

25. Breakfast loving lovers, check out these delicious places for a tasty breakfast date.

26. And then cap off the day with a fun couple's terrasse drinking session.

27. Love watching movies with your lover? Check out the Fantasia 2016 film festival, until August 2.

28. If heavy metal is the name of your couple's game, don't forget to check out Heavy Montreal, August 5-6.

29. Or, if you're more of the classical music type of lovers, then check out the Orchestre Symphonique De Montreal fest, August 10-13.

30. Swing by the Festival Des Films Du Montreal and watch awesome films from 70 different countries with bae, starting August 25.

31. From August 3 - 10, check out the Montreal First Peoples Festival, and celebrate/learn about some wonderful cultures with the most important person in your life.

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