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31 Things That Will Make You Wish You Went To Concordia University

A Stinger is a winner.

Alright, show of hands: Who here is currently right in the throes of finals? If you've raised your hands, then boy, do I not envy you. Finals are rough. (Actually, finals are basically torture, but it wouldn't boost anyone's morale for me to say that).

Plus, the more finals you suffer through now, the closer you are to graduating and never having to do another final again (hopefully). Actually, those of you who are nearing that finish line, give yourselves a huge high-five. You deserve it.

While the prospect of graduating with a shiny new degree from Concordia might seem super exciting, it's also kind of depressing - since you've got to leave Concordia behind, and the school is seriously awesome. You really end up missing all the great things about it once you're gone.

#1 Concordia's JMSB? Yeah, It's Ranked 5th Best In Canada

Concordia's John Molson School of Business is seriously boss. It's been ranked 5th in Canada by Bloomberg Businessweek and 12th in the whole world by Corporate Knights - to name a few - making it a pretty humungous point of pride.

#2 And It Just So Happens To Win Case Competitions, Constantly

#WeCompete is the slogan for JMSB's Case Competition program, but it should totally be #WeWin - because, you know, we tend to blow everyone out of the water. We've got tons of gold medals, and even a good number of silver and bronze. Sorry, not sorry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

#3 If You Like Saving Money, Concordia's The School For You

With cheap grocery stores, co-op bookstores, and discounted coffee, Concordia knows how to make sure its students keep their hard-earned money.

#4 Love The Environment? So Does Concordia

Concordia prides itself on being incredibly environmentally friendly. Not only does Concordia have multiple bins for recycling and composting, a local farmer's market, and a greenhouse on the topmost floor of its H Building, but one of the outer wall of the JMSB Building is totally made up of solar panels. Stay green, Concordia.

#5 Concordia Is Ranked Among The Top Canadian Employers In 2016

According to this website - which means that if you need a job, ConU's got you. Some of the awesome benefits you can get if you work for Concordia? Subsidized access to the fitness centres, health benefits, and flexible hours - just to name a few.

#6 You'll Straight-Up Get A Free Lunch, Every Day

No questions asked, all thanks to the People's Potato. Located on the seventh floor of the H Building, the People's Potato serves up free, yummy vegan lunches on the daily.

#7 In Fact, They're Incredibly Down To Help You Out

You want resources? You got 'em. Concordia's got an Access Centre For Students With Disabilities; an Aboriginal Resource Centre; a Student Success Centre; and much, much more.

#8 Their Student Associations Are Ace

The CSU (Concordia Student Union), which represents Concordia's undergraduate students, is pretty much the best thing to ever happen to university life. They throw some seriously awesome parties, offer legal and mediation services, and do tons of awesome things.

#9 It's One Of The Best Universities In The World

Other than having one of the world's top business schools, Concordia has also been rated as one of the 500 top universities, world-wide.

#10 Artistic? Then You'll Feel Right At Home

Other than Concordia's Fine Arts program having a more than stellar reputation, we've got tons of ways for you to get involved in Concordia's art community. The FOFA Gallery, for example, showcases the work of Concordia students, staff, and alumni.

#11 Whatever You Love, Concordia's Got A Spot For You

Interested in snowboarding? Are you a tea lover? Into writing? Dragon boating? Tennis? No matter what you have a passion for, Concordia's got a club or association for you.

#12 We've Got All The Fun Of A Downtown Campus

Concordia's SGW Campus is located in the heart of downtown Montreal. We're surrounded by people, restaurants, bars, cafes, and pretty much everything you'd want in an urban centre.

#13 And All The Beauty Of A Suburban Campus

Of course, if you're down to absorb the beauty of a more traditional university campus, then we've got Loyola. Located in NDG, Loyola is peaceful, quiet, and gorgeous - plus it totally feels like Hogwarts, TBH.

#14 You Can Pull Your All-Nighters In A Safe Spot

Our libraries are among the only ones in Quebec to be opened 24/7 during the Fall and Winter semesters. Plus, our constant security means that you can pull your all-nighters in peace, friends.

#15 Concordia's Scheduling Is Flexible AF

Have to juggle work, life, and school? No worries. Concordia offers a wide array of classes at all times during the day and night, and makes it incredibly simple to switch from full-time to part-time student status.

#16 Our Journalism Programs Are Second To None

Not only does Concordia's Journalism program have notorious high standards, but it's also gone on to produce some serious journalistic heavy-hitters (fun fact: Mutsumi Takahashi is a personal hero of mine, and graduated from Concordia in 1979).

#17 Concordia Is Inclusive A.F.

Concordia's student body is incredibly diverse, and I'd like to think we do an amazing job of respecting that diversity. One example? ConU recently put in over 100 gender neutral bathrooms.

#18 Our Graduates Have Gone On to Leave Their Mark On The World

Remember when I said Mutsumi Takahashi is a Concordia alum? She's not the only one. Mordecai Richler, Régine Chassagne, Rufus Wainwright, and many other awesome people have once called Concordia home.

#19 Actually, Our Current Students Do That, Too

Concordia's current students are doing all kinds of awesome things - like writing books, appearing in films, and getting their academic papers published - constantly.

#20 Whatever Resources You Need, Concordia Has Your Back

Flight simulators, weather simulators, loom rooms, dark rooms, Bloomberg terminals... Whatever you need in order to succeed, you can 100% find it at Concordia University.

#21 Need To Get Anywhere? There's A Tunnel For That

Hey, remember how Montreal winters are the literal worst? Well, you rarely need to worry about that at Concordia. The SGW campus is mostly all interconnected through tunnels, meaning you'll only rarely have to venture outside.

#22 There Would Be No Colbert Report Without Concordia

Considering that Barry Julien - writer for the Colbert Report - graduated from Concordia University in the 90s. You're welcome, Colbert Report fans.

#23 If You Want Cool Classes, Concordia's The School For You

Ever feel like taking a class about sexuality and the Irish diaspora? Or the art of being cool? Or the relation between feminism and comedy? Well, if you go to Concordia, you'll be able to take all of these classes, and then some.

#24 Most Of Our Classes Have Less Than 60 Students

Which is awesome when you're trying to ask your prof a question, and focus on your class material.

#25 Our Research Is Relevant AF

Concordia constantly publishes studies that are not only useful and interesting, but super relevant in today's society. (Sidenote: This study, checking the link between staying social and staying healthy, is probably the best thing that I've ever come across in my life).

#26 Grabbing Food Is Never An Issue

Because of Concordia's beyond awesome location, we've got food options like you've never seen before. Feel like going somewhere fancy? We got that. Feel like going somewhere quick and inexpensive? We've got that. No matter what you feel like, Concordia's got you covered.

#27 Our Athletics Are No Joke

Concordia's varsity teams are called the Stingers, and we tend to win. A lot. In 2001, for example, the Stingers ranked first in the QUFL.

#28 Seriously, #FearTheSwarm

Tons of former Stingers players have gone on to join the Canadian National Football League, including Kristian Matte, who plays for the Montreal Alouettes.

#29 Concordia Knows How To Have An Amazingly Good Time

Tons of student associations and clubs means tons of parties, pub crawls, celebrations, get-togethers, symposiums - and tons of other things, too. Plus, frosh is quite possibly the most fun you'll ever have at the beginning of the semester.

#30 ... Without Overdoing It

Although we throw a good party, we also know when enough's enough. Frosh is notorious for being incredibly fun, but also for reigning it in when things get too crazy.

#31 We're Chill

Concordia's ambiance seriously cannot be beat. While we are expected to exceed academically - which we do, consistently - we don't tend to feel like we live in an atmosphere of constant pressure.

Our profs are awesome and have tons of experience in their fields; our staff is helpful; our students are super friendly. All in all, at the end of the day, this is a hue part of what makes Concordia so awesome.

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