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32 Cute Montreal Things To Do With Your Girlfriend This May 2017

The best month to treat your bae.
32 Cute Montreal Things To Do With Your Girlfriend This May 2017

Alright, who here believes May is the most romantic month of the whole year? I mean, sure, February is the month of Valentine's Day... and December's got all the holiday hype surrounding it... and maybe June's the perfect summer month for sparking romance... but I mean, seriously think about it. 

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May is the first month of spring. Not officially, of course, but it's the first month where spring things start to happen - especially in Montreal. The flowers bloom, there are tons and tons of things to do, people come out, and people just want to do things. It's a month of rebirth, a month of beauty, and because of that, I truly believe May is one of the best times to be in love.

Or in a relationship. Or a flirtationship. Or even a situationship; because let's be honest, relationships in 2017 are never as cut and dry as one would think. But whatever stage you and the person you're with are going through, you're bound to want to go out there in the city and have one seriously fun time.

Thankfully, in Montreal, there are tons of things to do, spots to visit, and places to see that are appropriate for you and your lover. And if you're having a hard time figuring out what those are... well, not to worry. I've got your backs, guys. Go forward and enjoy the month of May together. 


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May 1 - May 25, 2017:

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1. Want to take your significant other somewhere lowkey AF? Then check out any one of these lowkey date spots.

2. Or, if bae is more of a cocktails type of person, then on May 2, check out Montreal's Festival Access Asie's 5 a 7 opening night at cocktail at Lion d'Or.

3. If free yoga sounds like the perfect couple's activity, then get yourself to Lole St. Catherine on May 2 for a free yoga class.

4. Or else check out this super cool Montreal cafe for good food (served in cute pig bowls!) and rainbow lemonade.

5. Take a cute couple's bike ride through Montreal's Old Port.

6. While you're there, complete this super cool pirate ship obstacle course together, up throughout the month.

7. If you and your lover love discovering new spots, then check out this "renaissance themed" bar in downtown Montreal.

8. Want to treat bae to something as sweet as they are? Get to Windsor Station on May 5, for the McCord Museum's Sugar Ball.

9. Do you and bae love food trucks more than anything else? Then on May 5, get to the Olympic Stadium for their First Fridays event.

10. On May 7, get ready for all the nostalgia feels and check out JoJo live in concert with the love of your life.

11. Take a romantic stroll through the Plateau and check out the May Market, featuring a super cool seedling sale.

12. Then treat bae to anything they want at The Body Shop, thanks to this awesome sale taking place until May 13.

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May 16 - May 22, 2017:

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13. Take the love of your life to Terrasses Bonsecours on May 18, for the Terrasses' grand opening event.

14. That same day, tell your lover that they're yours by checking out Jason Mraz live at the Theatre St. Denis.

15. Then treat them to a famous Starbucks "Pink Drink", with a delicious pastry twist.

16. Celebrate your May anniverssary (Maynniversarry? No, that's terrible) the right way by getting your romantic selves to any one of these awesome Montreal spots.

17. On May 20, profess your love to each other through the magic of Justin Bieber lyrics at Nacho Libre's Justin Bieber night.

18. Does bae deeply appreciate poetry? Then check out this free poetry reading together on May 18.

19. Then, on May 21, treat them to the very first Boozy Brunch of the year at Terrasses Bonsecours.

20. Get a taste of a tropical vacation together (and try matcha croissants!) right in Montreal at this brand new Hawaiian-themed cafe.

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May 23 - 31, 2017:

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21. Throughout the month, take the love of your life for a walk down St. Catherine street, and admire this year's brand new Aires Libres installation.

22. On May 25, get yourselves to Espace Scuderi, for this erotic art exhibtion.

23. That same day, take your significant other to watch Chance The Rapper live in Montreal.

24. Or else, check out The Weeknd together, in the city May 30.

25. Take a hand-in-hand stroll down St. Denis Street on May 26, and enjoy some live outdoor shows (and much more!)

26. And then get to Parc Jean-Drapeau, and check out The 1975's live show together, May 26.

27. If you love music as much as you love each other, then check out Bal En Blanc in Parc Jean-Drapeau, May 28.

28. Any time during the month, surprise bae with a gift from Montreal's Editorial Boutique.

29. Then get yourselves to this Montreal "floating boat cafe", and enjoy some good coffee, good views, and good vibes together.

30. Although nature might pale in comparison to the beauty of the person you love, don't forget to check out Montreal's Botanical Gardens on May 26, featuring free admission.

31. Take your love to Montreal's Clock Tower Beach on its opening day (May 27), and enjoy it for the first time in two whole years.

32. Then, on May 28, take bae to any museum they want in the city for Montreal's Free Museum Day.

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