32 Cute Montreal Things You Can Do With Your Girlfriend This June

The summer of love.

Let's be honest here, guys. June is prime relationship time. There's something about the heat and overall good vibes of summer that just make you happy, and just make you want to spend a whole lot of time with bae.

Although there's tons of stuff to do in June, though, it might be a little bit tough to figure out what activities are awesome for you and your S/O. But, if you're a little bit lost as to what exactly there is to do during this month, then have no fear. That's what I'm here for.

1. Enjoy the summer weather together, and go on a beautiful lilac-seeking adventure.

2. Take bae for a date on any one of these beautiful rooftop gardens.

3. Afterwards, keep up the momentum and check out one of these romantic places to creep airplanes mid-flight.

4. Is the love of your life also a lover of food? Then treat them to this foodie paradise date on June 3.

5. Take a romantic stroll through Montreal's Sainte-Catherine Street, and admire the gorgeous pink balls.

6. Then, get yourselves to Avenue Mont-Royal for their gigantic sidewalk sale on June 2-5. Ride the super colourful Fun Slide together.

7. If your lover is also a fashion lover, then check out the McCord Museum's Eleganza: Italian Fashion exhibit, on throughout June.

8. Do you and your S/O enjoy good vibes and good music? Then take a romantic trip to Parc Jean-Drapeau for Montreal's famous Piknik Electronik music festival, Sundays throughout the month.

9. Or have yourselves an actual pic-nic, with real food, at any one of these date-worthy parks.

10. On June 17, take the game lover in your life to this awesome Montreal Legend of Zelda live concert.

11. Then keep up the good gamer vibes by treating your S/O to this super fun Montreal Pokemon fest, on June 19.

12. Do you guys love art almost as much as you love each other? Then don't forget to check out Montreal's Mural festival, taking place between June 9 - 18.

13. And then take the artist of your heart on any one of these super artsy dates.

14. If riding bikes is your favourite couple's activity, then check out Montreal's Go Bike MTL festival together.

15. Take a romantic walk through the city during Grand Prix weekend (June 10 - 12) and check out all the cool cars around the city.

16. Or, if cars aren't your thing, see if you and bae can spot Kit Harrington (or any other celebs) roaming Montreal.

17. Do you guys feel like you're floating when you're together? Then float for real on this Montreal floating ship cafe. (Yes, seriously).

18. If you guys love to keep active together, check out this open-air yoga (baega?) class on June 5.

19. Be the awesome couple who are big into beer at Montreal's Mondial De La Bière 2016 fest, June 8-12.

20. And then keep up the adorable momentum by going on a strawberry picking adventure.

21. Or, if you guys are into something a little bit more thrilling, try some couple's white water rafting.

22. Love the beach as much as you love each other? Check out Montreal's Village au Pied-du-Courant beach, opening up on June 2.

23. Hunt down these adorable croissants together, and then take matching couple's Instagram pics.

24. Are cars one of the main staples in your relationship? Then check out Montreal's Cars & Coffee event, showcasing luxury cars, on June 5.

25. Trying to date on a budget? No worries. Do any (or all) of these things, totally free in Montreal throughout the month of June.

26. On June 17 - 19, check out Lachine Canal's Folk Fest sur le Canal, and hear some beautiful music with your beautiful S/O.

27. Take a trip down to Montreal's Old Port for the Taste Of The Caribbean food festival, June 16 - 19.

28. Then, on June 23 - 26, treat yourselves to some of the best poutine (and food trucks) Montreal has to offer.

29. If you and bae love outdoor music festivals almost as much as you love each other, then don't forget to check out the Montreal Jazz Festival, starting June 30.

30. Treat each other to a day of shopping, and check out this awesome Montreal warehouse sale together on June 2 - 4.

31. Love yourselves some cheesecake? Then share a slice of the world's best dessert at any of these fine establishments. (Or get your own. Nobody shares cheesecake, sorry).

32. Stroll through your favourite public market together, and pick up some tasty, cheap fresh fruit for an adorable home-made dessert.

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