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32 Cute Montreal Things You Can Do With Your Girlfriend This September

So you can truly enjoy Septembae together.

Alright, guys, it's finally here. September... AKA, the world's greatest month.

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Seeing as September is awesome AF, there are also tons of things you and your significant other can do together. And, hey, even if you're spending September single, no worries. You can have just as much fun doing these things with friends. It's all good, guys. It's all good.

1. Grab your significant other and head on out to this month's First Fridays street food festival, on September 2.

2. And then take them for a late dinner at your favourite dumpling spot.

3. Or, if that's not your thing, check out the YUL Eat festival together on September 3-5 and nosh on a bunch of awesome foods together.

4. Grab your lover and take them to the Montreal "Sex Festival", for an extra good time.

5. Are you and your significant other super into tacos? Of course you are! Check out these romantic $1 taco spots and grab a bite with bae.

6. Find your friends who are also in a couple and get yourselves to any one of these awesome double date restaurants.

7. Take your lover to the loveliest place in Montreal, AKA the gorgeous "lantern festival" at the Botanical Gardens.

8. Or else grab your bae and plan a weekend getabae (anyone? No? Okay) to any of these super fun places.

9. Have an anniversary coming up? Grab bae and treat them to any one of these cute, inexpensive anniversary celebrations.

10. If you and your significant other think that fall is the best thing to happen in world, then check out this master list of fun fall things to get excited for together.

11. And then put yourself in the fall spirit by going apple picking near Montreal together, ASAP.

12. Go exploring through the city together and spot how many leaves have already changed. Snapchat everything.

13. Then check out this hidden macaroni and cheese spot to feed your appetites.

14. Musical lovers, check out the POP Montreal International Music Festival together, September 21-25.

15. Get together for one last adventure before the legit fall weather hits next month, and explore this secret Montreal cave together as a couple.

16. Swing into the fall season with the love of your life on the 21 Balançoires musical swing installation, up until September 5.

17. And then get yourself to Place De La Paix for a romantic screening under the stars of the movie Drive, September 6.

18. Photography loving lovers, check out the poignant World Press Photo exhibition at Marche Bonsecours, up throughout the month.

19. Hop in the car with the love of your life and get to any one of these Quebec provincial parks.

20. Or else check out one of these gorgeous fall road trip destinations.

21. Or stay in the city, and treat yourselves to a hot, yummy plate of delicious pasta.

22. On any Tuesday of the month, celebrate Taco Tuesdays with your significant over and discover a brand new spot in the city to nosh on your faves.

23. If you and bae love everything tattoo, check out Montreal's "tattoo festival", taking place September 10 - 12.

24. And then surprise bae with free tickets to Usher's September 17 Montreal concert.

25. While you still can, pack an adorable picnic and take your significant other to any one of these super romantic Montreal picnic parks.

26. Then grab an opera show together at Place Des Arts, put on by the Montreal Opera, September 17, 20, 22, and 24.

27. If you and your significant other are significant lovers of film, then check out the Montreal Film Festival, running until September 5.

28. Then check out the Montreal International Black Film Festival together, starting September 28.

29. Sundays throughout the month, head out to Piknik Electronik together, and bask in the awesome music before it ends next month.

30. Or else check out Villa Paradizo together, Montreal's free outdoor EDM festival on September 9-10.

31. Head out to Verdun together and experience some true #VerudunLuv at Marché Copette's outdoor "food festival".

32. Follow this list, and do something free and fun every day of the week together. (Free is the most romantic, friend, trust.)

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