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32 Kinds Of People You Will Definitely See On The Montreal Metro

It's called public transportation for a reason.
32 Kinds Of People You Will Definitely See On The Montreal Metro

Photo cred - Desolate Angel

The Montreal Metro is a wondrous place full of interesting people and colourful characters. So let's play a game. How many can you spot on a single day? My record is 17 =)

1. The Co-Worker/Class Mate You'd Rather not engage

It’s Monday morning, it’s chilly outside, and it is just too damn early to make chit-chat with someone you barely even speak to when you see them in the office/class.

Stop: Pretty much any stop on the Green line

2. The B.O. Guy

Yes, humans smell, but most of us make at least some kind of effort to mask it, if only out of common courtesy. Then there’s the guy whose foul body odour has pretty much ruined your day.

Stop: Unfortunately everywhere

3. The American Tourist In Town For A Major Sporting Event

Americans love Montreal, and who can blame them, except when they arrive in hoards for F1 decked out with as much Ferrari merchandise they could get their hands on, and laughing about how badly they pronounce Longueuil.

Stop: Peel/Berri-Uqam/Longueuil

4. The Primary School Kid

Little kids, barely old enough to write their own names riding along, unattended like it’s no big deal. Guess it’s a good sign that our metro system is so safe?

Stop: Snowdon

5. The Cyclist With A Bicycle

Who needs to walk when you have a bicycle. Better yet, who needs to cycle when you can just take it on the metro and make the already cramped commute that much cozier.

Stop: Wherever they were too lazy to bike to

6. The Food Eater

You already have plenty of questionable smells filling up your nostrils when riding around a tin can 50 feet underground, but the smell of that Happy Meal is either making you really hungry or turning your stomach.

Stop: Verdun/Vendome/Pie IX

7. The Reader Of Advanced Math/Science Papers

While you’re busy trying to hit level 282 on Candy Crush, sat next to you is an engineer/scientist/human cyborg sent back from the future, casually reading advanced technical specs or alien-looking equations as they prepare to take over the galaxy.

Stop: Square-Victoria-OACI

8. The Hab Fan

You always know when the habs are in town because the metro will be overrun with Habs jerseys and eager fans, ready to riot if the mood is right.

Stop: Lucien L’Allier/Peel/Bonaventure

9. The Dude Rocking Out

While you’re paging through the Journal Metro, pretending to read articles but really just looking for the horoscopes (as one does), the metal-head in front of you is air drumming his greatest hits on his lap with zero fucks given.

Stop: Assomption

10. The Lord’s Worker

Hey, someone’s gotta do it. What do you mean you don’t have a moment to talk about our lord and savior? What else are you really doing?

Stop: De l’Eglise (Get it?)

11. The Off-Islander In Town For A Concert

Expect to see plenty of Lavalians (?) and Brossardians riding the metro when any major act is playing the Bell Centre. They are not really fans of Montreal but can't wait until the metro system is finally extended to include them.

Stop: Montmorency/Saint-Laurent/Bonaventure/Longueuil

12. The Underdressed

There is no dress code on the metro, though maybe sometimes there really should be. That whale-tail you showing is really not something I need to see right now.

Stop: Joliette

13. The Overdressed

Montreal’s climate is a cruel mistress and loves messing with us, making you realize that all those layers you put on to beat the cold are now pretty much the bane of your existence.

Stop: All of them

14. The Unsure Of Where They're Going

Sure, it can be intimidating using the subway system but navigating our basic network of primary colours that is our metro map really shouldn't be that difficult.

Stop: The wrong one

15. The High One

Between that awesome sesh you just had at the Tams and your super comfy couch waiting for you at home, there is a long-ass metro ride, filled with paranoia and monotonous staring at nothing.

Stop: Mont-Royal

16. The Party People

Travel time doesn't mean the party has to stop. If you don’t like all the drunken yelling and shitty karaoke singing, maybe you shouldn’t have gotten on the party car.

Stop: Beaudry

17. The Bench Bum

Feel like sitting down while you wait for the metro? Think again cause a cigarette-bumming hobo has already marked his territory and made this bench his personal lounge.

Stop: Depends on the day

18. The PDA Couple

Because there is no sexier place to show just how much you like sucking face than a crowded, stanky-ass metro car.

Stop: Anywhere there's an audience

19. The Modern Family

With the high cost of gas, not to mention all the pollution, mini-vans are so overrated. So strap up the kiddies and help spread all that snot and germs we all dread. Baby-strollers are the perfect metro accessory.

Stop: Line extremities

20. The Travelling Foreigners

Sitting between the back and forth of international travelers is kind of like a cultural experience, but don’t they realize that English in this city is already considered foreign enough?

Stop: Any terminus

21. The Person Moving Furniture

Not all of us have the luxury to hire movers to move our shit across town, so schlepping your futon mattress and frame on the orange line is clearly the next best thing.

Stop: Place Saint-Henri

22. The Person Who Pushes On Before Anyone Can Get Off

It's a standard process that’s repeated about a few hundred times a day: Metro arrives, doors open, people get off, and then people get on. Nope, you can miss your stop for all I care cause I'm getting that window seat.

Stop: The one you’re getting off at

23. The Sardine Packer

So what if you get a little claustrophobic and don’t enjoy sweaty strangers pressed up against your crotch, there is always room for one more. Besides it’s safer this way, you don’t have to worry about jerking forward when the metro jerks.

Stop: The one you just got on

24. The GangStar

Nothing says ganster like wearing shades inside and blasting some straight east-coast from your HTC One with your homies in the last car.

Stop: Snowdon/Jarry

25. The Door-Opener

Want to impress the other passengers? Why not get told off by the conductor over the loud-speaker for sliding open the metro doors with your super-human strength!

Stop: The Blue line

26. The Person Who Thinks They’re The Only Ones Getting Off At A Major Stop

Oh, so the fact that we’re coming up to a major stop and I’m pressed up against the door in anticipation isn't any indication that I’m getting off here as well? Okay, well just make sure you tell me twenty times and elbow me in the ribs before the doors even open.

Stop: Any major stop

27. The High-Powered Exec.

Gotta love the company man deciding to slum it for the day, riding the metro with the rest of us common folk cause his Porsche is in the shop, and his wife needed the Benz.

Stop: Place d’Armes

28. The Cover Model

Every once in a while you spot someone who looks good. Like damn good. Like they just stepped off a magazine cover or something. By the way, if you don’t like making eye sex with me, maybe you should take a cab next time.

Stop: Generally the downtown core, but can be anywhere (if you’re lucky)

29. The Really Old People

They can barely walk, but somehow manage all the stairs and the pushy crowds. Quite admirable really.

Stop: Cote Vertu

30. The High-School Kids

No one likes teenagers. Teenagers don’t like teenagers. Their pack mentalities and abhorrent loudness will do a pretty good job of making your ride particularly annoying and unpleasant.

Stop: Villa-Maria/Vendome/Lionel-Groulx/Sherbrooke

31. The College/Uni Students

With six universities and twelve junior colleges, the metro is obviously overrun with post-secondary students, with venti Pumpkin-Spiced Lattes in hand and that ironic non-chalante stress written all over their face.

Stop: Atwater/Guy-Concordia/McGill/Universite de Montreal/Berri-Uqam

32. The Musician With Instrument

It’s great that you play an instrument and all, but your over-sized double bass is kinda squishing me into B.O. Guy and I’m about ready to puke.

Stop: Place des Arts

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Photo cred - Fred_514

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