32 Montreal Things To Do With Your Girlfriend During The Holidays

The most romantic time of the year.
32 Montreal Things To Do With Your Girlfriend During The Holidays

Well, friends, it's crunch time. It's December. The holiday season is now officially underway.

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Those of you who have significant others, you might think this time of year means a whole lot of pressure. But don't worry, guys. As long as you two spend time together, you're golden.

1. Take the love of your life on an ice skating adventure at Montreal's Olympic Stadium.

2. Then take them to see the huge, 75 foot tall Christmas tree.

3. Get yourselves to the museum (baeseum?), and take advantage of the free holiday admission.

4. Or, if gaming is the name of your game, then check out this Nintendo festival, taking place December 3-4.

5. Then prepare to get festive and hit up Montreal's brand new Christmas themed bar.

6. If you and your S/O love staying in more than anything else, then get cozy and prepare to marathon these Netflix new releases during your holiday break.

7. Love brunching? Then check out this Montreal restaurant for unlimited brunch... AKA the most romantic meal, TBH.

8. On December 2, prepare for the show of a lifetime, and take your lover out to see these "fire charmers" at Place Emilie-Gamelin.

9. Then swing by Place Ville-Marie to see the beautiful Christmas tree all lit up.

10. Stroll through Old Montreal with your lover, for pretty much the most romantic holiday sights in the whole city.

11. Then make sure to swing by Old Montreal's holiday market, and pick up something for your sweetheart. (Even though the true gift is the time you've spent together. Aww.)

12. After that, check out any of these fine Montreal establishments for a holiday oyster feast.

13. Or else check out this hidden restaurant for some seriously mind-blowing tartare.

14. Take an adorable couple's winter hike up Mount Royal.

15. Then spend the rest of the afternoon people-watching... or ice skating across Beaver Lake.

16. Go downtown and admire all the storefront Christmas decorations. (Especially the one at Ogilvy).

17. Then hit up this authentic Italian spot, for a delicious and romantic AF lunch.

18. And then swing by Complexe Desjardins, and prepare to be blown away by their gorgeous, immersive Fontaine Boreale exhibit.

19. Venture down to Parc Jean-Drapeau and prepare to ice skate across a gorgeous winter trail together.

20. Then take a break and have a snowball fight. Nothing more romantic than impromptu snowball fights in the middle of winter, amiright?

21. Stay in and make each other your fave Christmas eggnog cocktails.

22. Or get out there and take out your frustrations together, as a couple, in Montreal's first ever "rage room".

23. Treat your bae to all the vegan sushi they can possibly eat.

24. Then go exploring the giant Christmas market in Place Des Arts.

25. Are you and your lover musical lovers, too? Then check out The Lyric Theatre's Candlelight Christmas show, December 1-3.

26. If you two adore Christmas just as much as you adore each other, then stop by Parc Des Compagnons for the annual Christmas torchlight parade on December 3.

27. And don't forget to end the night together at Park LaFontaine for their Christmas fireworks, also on December 3.

28. Check out Montreal's Nutcracker Market, on until December 4.

29. And then pass by Parc Des Compagnons to check out their Christmas village together.

30. Grab a toboggan and hike up your favourite snowy hill together, then sled down like the true champs that you are.

31. Then get yourselves to the Quartier Des Spectacles for this year's Luminotherapie installation.

32. Stay in with a nice cup of wine hot chocolate, and truly appreciate how lucky you are to have each other in your lives.

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