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32 Things That Give You Street Cred In Montreal

Rep the 514 with the best of them.
32 Things That Give You Street Cred In Montreal

Photo cred - cndwlf_66

Everyone wants to fit in, especially in the big city. It's no fun being considered a total noob by all the cool kids, and let's face it, Montreal is full of cool kids. It's important to remember, however, that the cool kids weren't always so fresh, even though they'll never admit it. Obviously the simple fact of living in Montreal earns you a certain amount of street cred, but rounding out your overall clout can sometimes be a challenge. Maybe this list of 32 Things That Give You Street Cred In Montreal can help.

1. You can order drinks/food in two different languages

2. Crosswalks are not the boss of you

3. You bike to work in the winter

4. You are friends with a graffiti artist

5. You used to live in the Plateau

6. And now live in the Mile End

7. You know your dep person on a first name basis

cred- newneonunion

8. And you know it's called a dep, not a corner store

9. You have Habs season tickets

10. You have Habs season tickets in a lodge

11. You go out on Sunday nights

12. You know how to ride the metro for free

13. You know Schwartz's is not the only smoke meat game in town.

14. You know a few professional chefs

15. You rep Expos swag

16. You go to loft parties

17. You drink micro-brassed beer

18. You know the difference between "Indo" and "Outdo"

19. You rock a Bixi pass

20. The homeless don't phase you

21. You survived the Great Ice storm and didn't even tweet about it

22. You've spent more than one Sunday at Tams

23. You have one or more tattoos

24. You drink 40's in the park

25. You have multicultural/multilingual friends

26. You can park on a really steep hill with 2 feet of plowed snow

Photo cred - MTL-PTP

27. You know where Habitat 67 is

28. And you've surfed its wave

29. You hang out on rooftops

30. You make an effort to recycle

31. You're not too cool for school

32. You read MTL Blog :P

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