No lie, it can be a bit difficult to figure out what to do with that special lady in your life. In a city like Montreal, there are tons of things to do out there - so where does one  even begin?

Well, friends, that's where I come in. I've done the work so you won't waste any precious bae time trying to coming up with awesome date ideas. They're all right here for the two of you to enjoy together. Do all of these now, friends, and, as always, thank me later.

1. If your girlfriend loves chocolate, surprise her with a box of her faves and take her to any one of these places.

2. Love cheese as much as you love each other? Check out this Montreal grilled cheese festival.

3. Or attend this cheesy event together, and prepare for a Gouda time.

4. If you believe that the couple who drinks together, stays together, then check out this Montreal wine tasting event.

5. Check out this vegan sushi recipe, and try your hand at making it together.

6. Or give up and take yourselves out for falafels.

7. Surprise the beauty in your life with a trip to these beautiful Canadian gardens.

8. Go out and share Montreal's most expensive (and tasty) poutine.

9. And then take her out for some spicy salsa dancing.

10. Experience one of these awesome ballet shows together.

11. Surprise your girlfriend with a bag of fresh rainbow bagels.

12. Spend the day together spotting some of Montreal's most beautiful mansions.

13. Does the love of your life love ice cream? Take her out for a free cone on April 12, and then pick your favourite healthy restaurant for dinner.

14. Show your sweetheart some love and track her down a box of Montreal's green tea matcha macarons.

15. Or take a little couple's trip down to the West Island for some amazing poutine hot dogs.

16. Relive the magic of when you guys first started going out, and take her to your first date spot.

17. Forgot where your first date was? No problem. Just pick one of these spots instead.

18. Take a romantic stroll through the coolest neighbourhood in the whole world, located right here in Montreal.

19. Is your girlfriend a cat lover? Treat her to a day at Montreal's cat cafe, and play with some adorable kitties while you're at it.

20. If your sweetie has a sweet tooth, treat her to a millefeuille from one of Montreal's best millefeuille spots.

21. Take a romantic road trip to the Eastern Townships to visit their gorgeous lavender fields. Pack a lunch and have an adorable picnic overlooking the fields.

22. Are you in love with a sushi lover? Treat your girlfriend to a sushi date, at any one of these great sushi spots.

23. Or take her to try poke at Montreal's first poke restaurant.

24. If you and bae love to drink and game, check out Arcade MTL for one seriously fun-filled date night.

25. Love working together? Awesome. Take your G/F to a Montreal escape game, for a fun and unique twist on a traditional date.

26. Or take her to Montreal's Quartier Des Spectacles and make beautiful music together on Montreal's Musical Light Swings.

27. Show her your artistic side by taking her to this retro poster shop, and help her pick out her favourite one.

28. Let your love flutter as free as these butterflies when you take your girlfriend to the Botanical Gardens' "Butterflies Go Free" installation.

29. Take a cute stroll through the Jean-Talon Market with your girlfriend. Snapchat all the fresh produce.

30. If your girlfriend is celebrating her special day, make it that much more special by taking her out to do any one of these awesome birthday things.

31. And don't forget to get her a very special box of roses, just because.

32. Got a foodie for a girlfriend? Take her on a Montreal food truck adventure, and eat at every single food truck you two lovebirds can manage.

33. Now that it's finally getting warmer, go for a walk with bae down Montreal's Saint-Laurent street, and admire Montreal's gorgeous murals.

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