33 Cute Montreal Things You Can Do With Your Girlfriend This July

Have a lovely month with your bae.

Alright, guys, July is finally here. We're now officially in the second half of 2016, and whether you've been spending the first half with the person you love, or if yours is a brand new relationship, then I've got some great news for you.

Montreal is full of awesome things to do for couples, especially in the summertime. If you're at a loss for ideas, then no worries. I've got your back.

1. If you and your S/O are fans of brunch, spice it up by eating a romantic brunch on a boat.

2. Is laughing a cornerstone of your relationship? Then check out Montreal's Just For Laughs festival, July 13 - August 1.

3. Love raving as much as you love bae? Check out this electric paint rave together on July 9.

4. Take a couple's jog up Mount Royal.

5. Pack a romantic picnic and set up shop at Beaver Lake after your jog.

6. Then end the day by adorably row-boating across the lake together.

7. Take your S/O for a day drink on a gorgeous terrasse.

8. Then follow it up with a meal on one of Montreal's most beautiful outdoor terrasses.

9. And then take a nice, relaxing couple's stroll through the Plateau to admire all the new murals.

10. Set up a summer road trip to this Quebec heart-shaped lake.

11. Then continue on to any one of these spas, and spend a romantic weekend getting pampered together.

12. If you love wine as much as you love each other, then go to any one of these classy wine bars for a cute date.

13. Are you lovers also music lovers? Then check out Verdun's Percussion Fest together.

14. If you and your lover are down for some seriously authentic Japanese food, check out this Montreal izakaya.

15. From July 12 - 24, check out Nuits D'Afrique festival together.

16. For the cinephile couple, take a stroll to Concordia University and check out the Fantasia Film Festival, starting July 14.

17. Or, if music is the name of your game, then check out Piknik Electronik with your S/O, Sundays throughout the month.

18. Check out Montreal's Nintendo Fest, for the Nintendo lover in your life, various dates in July.

19. Feel like getting your road-trip on? Get yourself and your S/O to any one of these romantic, secret Quebec locations.

20. Treat yourselves to some seriously good food at Canada's biggest street food festival, July 1.

21. And then do a little shopping at this massive clothing sale.

22. Discover something new together and try to find this Montreal secret waterfall.

23. While you're at it, discover a brand new, awesome place for ice cream.

24. And eat your cone at any one of these hidden, romantic Montreal spots.

25. Feel like partying it up together? Head to the Montreal Casino for a fun "New Orleans Themed" party, various dates in July.

26. Head out for a romantic day picking blueberries together, at any one of these adorable locations.

27. If you and your S/O feel like clowning around, check out Montreal's Cirque Festival, July 7 - 17.

28. On July 1, head to Montreal's Old Port and watch the Canada Day fireworks together.

29. And then check out Montreal's Village au Pied-du-Courant Beach.

30. Admire Montreal's natural beauty just as much as you admire your S/O's beauty at the Montreal Botanical Gardens.

31. Or else get yourselves out of the city for a little bit, get cozy, and watch some fireflies.

32. While you're at it, check out one of these awesome Quebec summer fairs with your lover.

33. And top off the world's most romantic month by getting your naked yoga on, as a couple.

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