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33 Ways Living In Montreal Will Change You Forever

Great things happen in this city.
33 Ways Living In Montreal Will Change You Forever

Photo cred - Andre Vandal

Montreal as a city is pretty unique. It has so many different cultures and characteristics that surround you from the moment you arrive. For better or for worse, you can’t help but being permanently affected after spending some time in the 514. From the good, to the potentially very bad, here are 33 ways that Montreal is guaranteed to change you forever.

1. You develop a refined taste for poutine - so those cheese curds better be squeaky.

2. Last call in any other province just seems way too early.

3. You find out that the easiest way to judge someone is based on when they start wearing their Canada Goose.

Photo cred - Ritu Ashrafi

4. Going out on any night of the week is completely acceptable.

5. You will develop a very strong opinion on bicycling, whether you want to or not.

6. Judging a restaurant on their english/french translations is totally normal.

7. Going more than a month without seeing a protest will leave you feeling a little empty on the inside.

8. Montreal bagels are the only acceptable bagels.

Photo cred - Eugene Kim

9. Jay-walking becomes a way of life.

10. Restaurants and stores that close early are just medieval.

11. You’ll appreciate salted patches of sidewalk more than you ever thought you could.

12. You have a whole new definition of cold.

13. You expect to find awesome music festivals, in any weather.

Photo cred - Miguel Legault for Igloofest

14. Having to walk a long distance from one bar to another just seems barbaric.

15. No where else will have as good, or as many, drunk food options.

16. You have a whole new appreciation for flat cities.

17. You’ll have an entirely new standard for street art.

18. You can experience just about any type of culture.

Photo cred - KC Claveria

19. Montreal drivers may scar you for life.

20. The smell of weed anywhere, at any time, doesn’t even phase you.

21. If its not in walking distance, it might not be worth it.

22. You’re used to having a restaurant for any kind of food you could ever think of.

23. Navigating construction becomes second nature.

Photo cred - Karim Amar

24. You’ll learn to sleep through just about any noise.

25. Intentionally or not, you will learn about hockey.

26. How other provinces don’t have depanneurs is beyond you.

27. Beer from anywhere else will just seem too weak.

28. You know that the “service is not included” in the price of your drink.

Photo cred - Heritage Hotels & Resorts

29. You don’t even attempt French anymore, because they’ll just respond in English anyway.

30. The cost of living in any other big city seems insane.

31. You no longer expect “snow days” at least in the no-school sense.

32. Nothing will ever compare to Montreal/Quebec’s maple syrup.

33. Leaving your house in February is for emergencies only.

Photo cred - Quan

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