33 Year Old Woman Needed Heart Surgery After Having Too Many Energy Drinks

A British woman needed to be fitted with a pacemaker after she began to experience heart problems. The mother of three, aged 33, used to drink six cans of energy drinks per day and developed Type 2 Diabetes and kept getting kidney stones.

She soon began experiencing blackouts and worse heart symptoms like palpitations last year. Now, newly fitted with a pacemaker, she's warning others against the dangers of drinking too many energy drinks. 

Her habit carried on for roughly four years until she began experiencing blackouts, according to Leicestershire Live. She was forced to visit a doctor after blacking out one too many times and they found a myriad of health problems with the woman.

Doctors aren't sure if there's a direct correlation between her energy drink consumption and her heart problems, but the number of drinks she would consume certainly didn't help. Now, she's warning others of the potential health problems that might be associated with heavy energy drink consumption. 

Since she worked a lot and had to deal with her three children, she says that energy drinks would help get her through the day. At her worst, she would drink up to six cans of energy drink per day. She says that her heart experienced palpitations, she would have mood swings, and wouldn't be able to sleep. 

Her health problems got worse until she was fitted with a pacemaker last year. Now, she's off the energy drinks and wants her story to be a cautionary tale against overconsumption of energy beverages.

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Energy drinks are popular amongst both young and old. Their high caffeine content and sugar make them a favourite for people who need a little extra boost in their step.

Most energy drink manufacturers have clear warnings on their cans that a normal adult shouldn't need to drink more than two per day. Also, energy drinks aren't recommended for minors. 

The woman believes that it might've been the high sugar and sodium content of most energy drinks that gave her such drastic health problems. 

Looking at the nutritional value of the most popular energy drinks, Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar, we can see that each has a sugar content between 27g and 56g per can. Sodium content runs higher, between 85mg and 180mg.

The recommendation is that people don't drink more than one or two energy drinks per day, as needed. As you can see from this woman's story, there are numerous pitfalls associated with this.   

Thankfully, the woman, despite having a pacemaker, is now in relatively healthy shape and is spending a lot of time with her three young children.