35 Insane Things To Do In Quebec Before You're Too Old

These decisions make the best stories.
35 Insane Things To Do In Quebec Before You're Too Old

The term bucket list gets thrown around a lot online. But you don't have to be old or dying to get started. Think about it, the sooner you start to more likely you are to complete every item on your list. But coming up with a good list can take a lot of time, that's why we decided to find out some of the craziest you can do in Quebec that should be included on your bucket list.

The craziest adventures always make the best stories. So sit back an enjoy some of the craziest things Quebec has to offer.

1. Get invited backstage at Osheaga.

 2. Get kicked out of a club on St-Laurent for partying too hard.

3. Watch a Habs game from the Zone Desjardins and eat more food than the amount contained in your fridge after grocery shopping (and don’t eat for the whole day before the game).

4. Eat at an expensive restaurant with celebrities or gorgeous models.

 5. Crash a house party.

6. Ride the Mechanical Bull at Chez Serge.

 7. Go to one of those random, strange strip clubs outside of Montreal. (The dirty ones that are very close to the highway.)

8. Go to an after-hours, like Stereo and Circus in Montreal, without consuming any drugs or alcohol. (It's stranger than it seems.)

9. Go to Igloofest in -30 degree weather.

10. Road trip to catch one of Canada's prettiest sunsets at Les Escoumins.

11. Jump out of a plane. (BONUS: Wait until you're 102 years old to beat the current record.)

12. Make love in one of Montreal's many abandoned buildings (Example: Silo #5)

13. Crash a fancy event at the Ritz Carlton and pretend you're rich.

14. Spend a night at the Ice Hotel in Quebec City.

15. Take a helicopter tour over Beachclub and make a grand entrance (Dan Bilzerian style)

16. Take a selfie at the top of the CIBC tower.

17. Bungee Jump from the highest point in Canada. (Wakefield, Quebec.)

18. Go play roulette at Akwenasne Mohawk casino.

19. Pretend it’s your bachelorette party and go party in Quebec City.

20. Eat blueberries in Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean.

21. Get into a snowball fight at LaTuque.

22. Eat lobster in Gaspé.

23. Get in touch with nature at Auberge du lac Taureau.

24. Eat a poutine at the Ashton restaurant in Québec.

25. Hike up Mount-Royal at night and stay to catch the sunrise. (Preferably drunk.)

26. Participate in a wrestling match at Eglise Très-Saint-Rédampteur near Joliette metro. (That doesn't sound sketchy at all.)

27. Get cast in a Quebec reality show.

28. Use maple syrup to spice up your life in the bedroom.

29. Dress up "Jersey Shore" style and go party in Laval.

30. Take a dive at Carriere St-Bruno. (Yes, there is water)

31. French kiss someone on the plains of Abraham.

32. Sleep with a French man/woman in a Plateau apartment.

33. Go streaking at an Alouettes game. (Good luck.)

34. Become friends with someone who owns a boat in the Old Port.

35. Eat naked O Noir. (Seriously how is anyone going to know?)