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3643 St. Laurent Apt. 200 Is Changing The Montreal Nightlife Scene

Montreal's newest spot to post up, game, party, and drink.
3643 St. Laurent Apt. 200 Is Changing The Montreal Nightlife Scene

Montreal has scores of bars, clubs, and nightlife venues to visit when you go out, all of which make it very clear you're in a privately owned establishment. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but a certain sense of comfort is lost when you step out of the comfort of your home and into a happening bar or club. Taking the two spaces of home and bar, and fusing them into one very cool concept, is 3643 St. Laurent Apt. 200, the newest spot to open up on the Montreal nightlife scene.  

The decor of 3643 St. Lo was designed by Tania Perrault and Amlyne Phillips, the decorators of Suwu, who wanted to make the bar feel like a close friend's apartment. Large couches are there to seat whole posses of peeps in a comfy manner. A huge 16 foot dining tables will seat you and all your friends, perfect for sitting near the giant kitchen and enjoying the many drunk snacks soon to be available at the in-house snack bar. There's even a bedroom area to add to the homey feel which can be reserved for semi-private events.

An added plus is that the bar isn't crazy expensive. Arcade games only cost fifty cents, and will be free on Sundays. Pints are priced at $5, so you can definitely enjoy more than a few affordable drinks as you play pool or a video game, rock out to some classic tunes, or get busy on the dance floor with live DJs.

3643 St. Laurent already had their 'soft' opening this past weekend, with positive exclamations like "I don't feel like I'm in Montreal" and the "classic arcade games are great." See what all the buzz is about this weekend, as 3643 St. Laurent Apt. 200 has their official opening on Thursday September 26th.

Get out there, get drunk, and get to 3643 St. Laurent for a good time.

Photo cred - Mazda Alinia

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