$373 Million Expansion For Montreal`s Ubisoft

More video games means more jobs for Montreal.
$373 Million Expansion For Montreal`s Ubisoft

Good news video game lovers, Montreal's gaming giant Ubisoft, makers of Assasin's Creed and many others, plans to expand its Montreal office. Ubisoft announced today that it plans to invest $373 million dollars into its Montreal office over the next seven years. 500 new jobs will be created from this expansion, meaning good things for unemployed nerds in the city.

Ubisoft is going to get some help from the Quebec government, receiving $9.9 million from a non-refundable grant. Not a bad deal given the videogame giant plants to provide 3, 500 for Montreal and Quebec by 2020. That would be one thousand more jobs than Ubisoft employs today.

Looking ahead to the next generation of gaming, Ubisoft also stated how it will begin to focus more on online gaming and the mobile market.

Excited for the chance to work for Ubisoft? Think the video game company is justified in reciving government funding, or should the money be spent elsewhere? Praise or complain in the comments below.

Source- The Globe and Mail