Real talk, May is one of my favourite months. It's got all the awesomeness of summer, but without all that annoying humidity; and it's got all the beauty of spring, but without all that annoying rain. In my opinion, May just may be the best month out of all of them.

Of course, since this is Montreal, we know how to do May up right. Not only are there a bunch of awesome things to do during this month, but they're all free. That's right, friends. You're welcome.

1. Comic book lover? Then you're going to love Montreal's free comic book day, on May 7.

2. On May 28, check out Beaver Lake's mini yacht mini yacht regatta.

3. If you're looking for new ways to discover Mount Royal, check out these awesome events, taking place on the mountain every Thursday in May.

4. And don't forget to get yourself there for tams, every Sunday.

5. On May 8, learn more about Lufa Farms at their spring open house.

6. Makeup fiend? Learn all about it at the Atelier Maquillage on May 5.

7. Spend some time with your mom this May 8, AKA Mother's Day. (Protip: The gift of time is free).

8. If fitness is your jam, head out to Lululemon's free "roga" class in Old Montreal, this May 7.

9. Or, if spinning is more your thing, check out Lululemon's free spinning class on May 4.

10. Love web development? On May 5, learn how to refine your skills at the Women In Technology: Connect W/S event.

11. On May 7-8, stroll through NDG for their neighbourhood-wide musical Porchfest event.

12. If you love yourself some wine (who doesn't?) then get ready to discover Peloponnesian wine on May 10.

13. Whip out your bike and take a cycle through these gorgeous Montreal bike paths.

14. Get rid of every single trace of winter by spring cleaning your space.

15. While you're at it, sell some of the extra things you find lying around.

16. On May 29, enjoy free admission to over 30 Montreal museums.

17. Marathon season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and see if you can spot all of these Montreal mentions.

18. On May 5, sing your heart out for the Phi Center's Karaoke De Quartier.

19. Enjoy the glorious spring weather, and take a stroll through a Montreal borough you have yet to explore.

20. Fan of art? Check out this free Steben Alexander vernissage, until May 31.

21. On May 5, enjoy some free music at Sonido Pesao's album launch party.

22. Or check out Concordia's jazz students making awesome music at Upstairs Jazz Bar, every Wednesday in May.

23. Check out Phi Center's Theater of Life exhibit, on from May 25 - 28.

24. Go on a self-guided tour of Montreal's landmarks. Start at the Orange Julep.

25. And don't forget to stop by Montreal's Museum of Fine Arts as they unveil their popular glass sun installation on May 5.

26. Throughout May, visit Montreal's Sainte-Catherine street for a fun, colourful surprise.

27. Until May 11, check out Paul Lavoie's free art exhibition at the Phi Center.

28. From May 27 - May 28, head out to Parc Lafontaine for Montreal's annual FBDM fest.

29. Celebrate the reopening of Jardins Gamelin on May 12, complete with DJs, shows, and more.

30. On May 21, enjoy some awesome short films at Mount Royal's Beaver Lake.

31. Or check out the Derapage projection exhibit on May 3.

32. Venture out to Ahuntsic and visit Île de la Visitation nature park for some seriously breathtaking views.

33. Challenge yourself to not look at your phone the whole time. Not even one Snap.

34. Throughout the month, check out the Phi Center's "Affinities" exhibition.

35. See how many tulips you can spot blooming during the month. Snap as many pictures of them as you possibly can.

36. Computer champ? On May 12, check out HackCite's "The Green Data Challenge" event.

37. Check out this climate change talk at Concordia, taking place on May 4.

38. Bask in the beauty that is spring, and enjoy every single one of these awesome Montreal spring things.

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