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39 Pizzas You Need To Eat At Montreal's 'Pizza Fest' 2017

You gotta try these!
39 Pizzas You Need To Eat At Montreal's 'Pizza Fest' 2017

If you didn't know, Montreal's Pizza Fest 2017 is starting on September 11th and going until September 17th! That's coming up super fast people! 

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There's going to be some insane pizzas available at the participating restaurants that you definitely have to try. The Pizza Fest website just released their official list of all the pizzerias including pictures and some descriptions of what these pizzas are going to be made with!

They honestly look so delicious, so if you're planning on going out for pizza during this week, plan ahead by choosing your favourites!

Amelia's // 201 Milton Street

White pizza made with feta, parmesan, ricotta and mozzarella!

L'Artizan Pizza // 414 Rue Fleury

Brigade Pizzeria Napolitaine // 1428 Stanley St.

via @bevopizza

Restaurant Buon Gusto // 2495 Boul. Saint-Martin Est

Bocadillo Bistro // 6918 Boul. St Laurent

Pizzeria Caldo // 4091 Rue Molson

Crab Pizza with tomatoes, basil and ricotta cheese!

Chez Carl // 3000 Boul. Rene Levesque

Fior di latte, Italian sausage, pepperoni, fresh basil and olive oil.

Chez Hailar // 1612 Rue Sherbrooke W

Chic Alors! // 927 Jean Gauvin (Quebec City)

Red onions, grilled peppers, salsa, Cajun chicken, sour cream and topped with guacamole!

Pizzeria Dei Compari // 1668 Rue Saint Denis

Exo Trattoria // 277 Boul. Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Mexican-inspired pizza with grilled chicken, banana peppers, black olives, grilled corn, mango, "chipotle" red onions, coriander and limes!

Kesté // 275 Avenue Fairmont O


Il Pranzetto // 1111 Rue Saint Urbain

"Coppa Pizza" with roasted peppers, Portabello mushrooms, fresh basil and olive oil!

Industria Pizzeria + Bar // 100 Peel St

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Gousto Bistro // 360 Rue Saint-Jean

Beef carpaccio pizza!

La Piazetta // 480 Rue Saint-Charles O

"Duck Pizza" with smoked duck, cheese, semi-firm pate, olive oil, maple syrup, and balsamic.

La Pizz 67 // 2625 Boul. Louis X1V

La Pizz // 3 Place Royal (Quebec City)

Dijon mustard, boudin noir, apples, apple vinegar, cranberries and green onions!

La Veranda // 4250 1ere Avenue (Quebec City)

Le Cordon // 150 Notre-Dame O

Pizz'Art // 990 Boul. du Lac (Quebec City)

Majella Pizzeria // 587 Rue Jarry Est

Messina // 329 Rue Saint-Charles

Cheddar, Mozzarella, peppers, bacon, mushrooms, and onions.

Mista // 955 Boul. Laurier

Pancetta, truffle carpaccio, mushrooms, cream sauce, almonds, and a raw egg!

Mille Et Une Pizzas // 363 Rue Saint-Paul (Quebec City)

Duck confit pizza with mushrooms, Mozzarella, onion, cheese and oregano.

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Pizza Motta // 303 Avenue Mozart E

Miss Jean Talon // 901 Rue Jean-Talon O

Nina Pizza Napolitaine // 410 Rue Saint-Anselme

Parma Cafe // 1202 Bishop St.

Pizza Show // 5183 Rue Cotes-des-Neiges

Tuscan-style pizza with tuna, onions, mushrooms, chilli peppers and green olives!

Pizza Villa // 6672 Avenue Papineau

"Al Fresco" Pizza with bocconcini, tomatoes, basil, olive oil and parmesan.

Pizzeria Bros // 13 Notre-Dame St O

Pizza Gourmande // 2888 Av. Du Cosmodome

Pepe Pizzeria // 505 Boul. Richelieu

Poutine pizza!

Pizzeria St-Bruno // 1438 Rue Montarville

Pizza Des Chefs // 1648 Chemin Saint-Louis

Wienstein & Gavino's // 975 Romeo-Vachon Blvd N

Porchetta, butternut squash, spinach and ricotta!

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