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4 Montreal Cops Brutally Beat And Taser A Man At Fabre Metro Station (Video)

Not apart of your regular commute.
4 Montreal Cops Brutally Beat And Taser A Man At Fabre Metro Station (Video)

We've all had a weird experience on the métro at least once. Sometimes it can make your day a little more interesting, other times bring up concerns for safety and your overall commute. The latter was the case for anyone at Fabre station yesterday.

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Thanks to those who caught the incident on camera last evening, commuters witnessed 4 Montreal police officers attempting to capture and arrest a man who was said to be drunk and causing concern for safety. 

Things are pretty intense as soon as the video begins. If you watch closely you'll see the man throwing punches and pursuing multiple officers before running back onto the métro car in attempt to escape. Police follow him from the outside of the car with batons, taze guns and an actual gun in hand. Pedestrians begin to run off of the car frantically looking for an exit. I mean, you can't blame them. 

The man then gets off the car, this time proceeding to try and run away (bad idea). Two officers then taze him while he is tackled to the ground and handcuffed. He begins shouting while he is under the 4 officers, it's unclear if he was being physically injured or not.

We aren't sure how the conflict began or who first contacted the police, but thankfully no commuters seem to be harmed by the incident. Now let's just hope the rest of our commutes are a bit less eventful than this one.

Be safe out there, Montreal.

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