4 Art Stores That Deliver To Feel Like You're Spending An Afternoon At Céramic Café

During this particularly stressful time, it's important to focus your energy on a variety of hobbies that will allow your mind to breathe from time to time. Thinking of this, we found several Quebec art stores that deliver for you. So, all you've got to do is order the supplies for a ceramic afternoon in the comfort of your own home, which will help stimulate your artistic side while you embrace social distancing.

Whether you want to create your own flower pots or bring your ideal coffee mug to life, these stores offer a few interesting options at varying prices for all levels of expertise.

And, you'll quickly find out that it feels good to be doing something other than visiting your fridge every two minutes. Don't worry, we're all doing it.

One of the stores on this list is actually Céramic Café, so ordering from there will give you the true experience that you're currently missing!

In fact, why not give a call to your favourite person to make this activity your weekly Zoom engagement together?

This is the perfect way to de-stress, plus you'll have a new kitchen accessory out of it!


Cost: Approximately $25 plus tax

The Do It Yourself Workshop, presented by Tania Trudel, is perfect for those who want to transform old objects into new beauties.

With the help of ribbon, porcelain markers and paint, you can give a second life to your cups or plates by following the few instructions suggested on the DeSerres website.


Crackpot Café

Cost: From $5 to $45, depending on the item

Offering various pieces to paint such as china, figurines and piggy banks, you'll find everything you need to carry out decorative or practical projects on Crackpot Café's website.

Paint is sold individually starting at $5.50 is also available as well as brushes and other tools at variable costs.


Atelier Make

Cost: Starting at $100

The Make Workshop Kit contains all the tools and materials you need to make four original cups.

In addition to the delivery of the kit, this offer also includes an online training course explaining all the necessary steps to make these objects. How perfect?


Céramic Café Studio

Cost: Starting at $29*

In order to create a small home studio, the Laval branch of Céramic Café offers the chance to get a kit with eight pieces to paint and fourteen two-ounce pots of colour.

Delivery is also included in the price and those who would like to get fewer pieces or even less colour can also customize their boxes to save a little money.


Embrace your creativity!

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

* This article has been updated.

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