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4 Ways The BDC (and $100,000) Will Turn Your Idea Into A National Success

An opportunity to turn your dreams into reality.
4 Ways The BDC (and $100,000) Will Turn Your Idea Into A National Success

Do you have a small that you think has the power to become this year’s next best thing? Let us guess, you’ve got the idea, you’ve got the name, and you’ve got your imagination. The only things holding you back are the money and resources, like most young entrepreneurs.

This year, the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) invites business dreamers to apply for a shot at turning their vision into a reality. If you’re between the ages of 18 and 35, and think that its time kick start your path to success, an opportunity at the BDC’s Young Entrepreneur Award of $100,000 might just be the answer for you and your small business.

Here’s why you should apply for the Business Development Bank of Canada’s $100,000 Young Entrepreneur Award:

1. Your Name Everywhere

BDC will take you and your venture to a whole new level. Through experience and extensive tools, this $100,000 grant won’t just kick start your company. It’ll expose your vision on a national level.

2. Stop Crawling, Start Walking

BDC knows everything necessary to kick start a small business. Participation in a prominent national contest will surely improve your professional résumé and increase your awareness of business opportunities. Being an award-winning company or even a finalist can foster trust and credibility straight away.

3. It’s All About Who You Know

Starting your own venture can be hard, especially on your own. Participating in a national contest will expose you to all the right people who have all the right answers.

4. Make Your Light bulb Shine Brighter

BDC’s here to help. While young entrepreneurs often think they’ve got all the knowledge necessary to build their business, BDC will teach you more than you already know. The application process on its own will teach you to strategically analyze your strengths and opportunities. Even if you’re unsure about the end results, we suggest you fill out the application that’ll truly help you assess your venture’s prospects.

LEARN MORE about what BDC can do for you, and APPLY TODAY

For a basic rundown on the contest, watch the video below!