40 FREE Things To Do This April 2016 In Montreal

Spring into saving money.
40 FREE Things To Do This April 2016 In Montreal

Guys, it's time. It's finally time. Time for what, you ask? Time for the snow to start melting, the sun to start shining, and spring to come down and make all of our Montreal lives a lot easier. Of course, with the onset of April comes the onset of a bunch of fun, free Montreal activities.

If having fun for free sounds a little far-fetched, then, friends, you don't know Montreal. The city has tons of awesome things to do this month; and if you're a little confused as to what I'm talking about, then don't worry. Sit back, relax, and read on for 40 FREE Things To Do This April 2016 In Montreal.

1. Shake off the winter lazies with a free Croga (crossfit + yoga) session on April 6.

2. Check out Montreal street artist Miss Me's free exhibition at the Phi Centre, until April 2.

3. On April 19, get in touch with your calmer side with this free daytime meditation course.

4. Or, if daytime's not your thing, go at night on the 25th of April.

5. On Sunday nights, feed your comedic side and check out this free improv workshop.

6. Film buff? On April 2, check out Trending, as part of the LGBT Film Series, for free.

7. Or check out the Phi Centre's new space for Canadian short films.

8. Need some motivation and music in your life? On April 12, check out this live music and yoga event.

9. Count how many squirrels you find frolicking around as the city defrosts.

10. Befriend one of them, and contemplate on how fleeting relationships truly are when it scurries out of your life forever.

11. Literary buff? Check out this book launch at Drawn and Quarterly on April 7.

12. Or party at Casa Del Popolo's "Away From The Numbers" event, every Friday from April 1 - 14.

13. If you're a fan of jazz, check out Mayfair every Tuesday for some live jazz music.

14. Or check out this free jazzy jam session at Upstairs on April 4.

15. Lover of art? Check out Daniel Plante's vernissasge, "Substances", from April 1st until the 8th.

16. If you're feeling some karaoke, don't forget to check out the Phi Centre's Karaoke Du Quartier on April 6.

17. On April 1, catch Dawn Tyler Watson at Upstairs, free at 11:30 PM.

18. Propel yourself into the glorious spring weather by learning how to construct a mini greenhouse on April 17.

19. Art lovers, check out this free activist art fair at Casa del Popolo on April 16 - 17.

20. Museum lovers, get yourselves to the McCord museum, and enjoy free admission on Wednesday evenings.

21. On April 12, mosey on over to Ben & Jerry's and indulge in some free ice cream.

22. Commit to doing some spring cleaning and sort out all your clothes.

23. Feel zero guilt when you give up halfway through.

24. Take a walk and admire the beautiful Montreal spring weather, instead.

25. On the last Sunday of the month (April 24), enjoy free entry to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

26. Check out the launch of literary journal Soliloquies Anthology 20.2 on April 14th at La Vitrola.

27. If you're a newcomer to the yoga world, check out this free yoga for beginners class.

28. On April 7, enjoy an urban sugar shack and street art experience at Place Montreal Trust's Cabanasuc.

29. Concordia student? Check out this vegetarian "Sunday Dinner" event, on April 3 at the Concordia Multifaith Chaplaincy.

30. Enjoy live music? On April 3, check out Gabriel Maurice & Laurent Saint-Pierre's "fin de bac" concert at La Sala Rossa

31. Instagram as many beautiful spring flowers as you possibly can.

32. Then get annoyed at how many beautiful spring flowers are flooding your Insta feed.

33. Lover of music? Throughout April, check out McGill University's Schulich School of Music for free concerts and recitals.

34. Or check out McGill's free Public Astro Night's lecture, "Comets: From Harbingers of Doom to the Scientific Revolution", on April 26.

35. Bring out the party animal in you every Tuesday night, at Bleury Bar à Vinyl's free admission "Vinyl Love" event.

36. Enjoy Montreal's beautiful spring weather and take a stroll through your favourite park. Soak in the scenery by not checking your phone.

37. Crack immediately and Snapchat all the spring things.

38. On April 11, swing into spring at Quartier Des Spectacle's 21 Balancoires light up swing installation.

39. Feeling a little out of sorts? Check out this "Massage-Yoga Thai" event on April 9th.

40. Go and visit the coolest neighbourhood in the whole world, located right here in Montreal.

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