40 FREE Things To Do This February 2016 In Montreal

Free is everyone's bae.
40 FREE Things To Do This February 2016 In Montreal

Well, friends, we did it. We survived the first month of 2016. Congrats. How's it been for you guys so far? Awesome? I bet it's been pretty awesome, especially with the beautiful non-winter we've been having.

But even though January was really awesome, February 2016 is going to be pretty great, too. First of all, there's Valentine's Day. Which is a pretty awesome day, regardless as to whether or not you're in a relationship (if you've got a significant other, you can celebrate; if you're single, you can also celebrate, except with less people and more chocolate). And second of all? There are tons of awesome events taking place in Montreal this month, and even more awesome things you can do for free. Don't believe me? Well, prepare to believe, friends.  Read on for 40 FREE Things To Do This February 2016 In Montreal.

1. Love playing Nintendo? On February 3, check out Le Ritz PDB's SNES/NES Night.

2. Check out the Black Muses Exhibit at Place des Arts.

3. Or check out any one of the awesome free events for Montreal's Black History Month.

4. As Montreal defrosts, see how many squirrels you can find frolicking around. Snapchat them.

5. On February 1, go see Corrina Rose and Meghan Morrison live at Grumpy's.

6. On February 19, check out McGill's Public Astro Night, featuring a talk on the Milky Way.

7. Learn more about everyone's favourite treat (chocolate) at Montreal's "Je T'aime En Chocolate" choco-fest.

8. On Valentine's Day weekend, check out Lufa Farms' winter rooftop greenhouses at their Winter Fresh Open House event.

9. Holiday bloat still got you down? Check out this free "5 à 7 Bootcamp" on February 3.

10. While you're at it, get yourself to Laval for a spinning class.

11. And then treat yourself to a free spinal yoga session on February 4.

12. Take a stroll through the Quartier des Festivales and check out the 17th annual Montreal En Lumière festival.

13. And don't forget to pull an all-nighter for Montreal's Nuit Blanche on February 27.

14. Check out Concordia's Centre for Gender Advocacy Racism 201 workshop on February 3.

15. Or mozy on up to Concordia's Greenhouse for their "Cozyfest" acoustic extravaganza on February 8.

16. Count how many Facebook statuses talk about the Spring-like weather in Montreal. Then write a status about it.

17. Grab your ice skates and go for a glide at the rink on Mont-Royal.

18. Prove your love for the world's best food and check out Montreal's free Quebec cheese festival.

19. On February 2, check out Pandaléon's album launch.

20. Or, if you're a film buff, check out the Brest European Short Film Festival screening at the Centre Phi.

21. On February 5, spend some time at Casa del Popolo for their "Away From The Numbers" event, featuring DJ Larsenik & Viandox.

22. Stop by the Phi Centre and check out their Virtual Reality Garden exhibition.

23. Or check out their Karaoke fest, featuring DJ Barbada, on February 4.

24. Instagram your nicest pictures of the snow melting in Montreal. #SnowFreeFebruary.

25. And then instantly regret it if/when we get a surprise snowfall later on in the month.

26. On February 4, get yourself to McGill University for a lecture by sex therapist Dr. Laurie Betito.

27. If you're a video game buff, you can also attend a video game development lecture given by Félix Duschesneau on February 3.

28. Or check out any one of the awesome lectures hosted by McGill Univeristy's SUS during their Academia Week.

29. Get down to Parc Jean-Drapeau and explore Montreal's Fete des Neiges.

30. If you're an art fanatic, check out Julia Renaudot's first vernissage at Galerie Luz.

31. Or go visit the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, free on February 28.

32. While you're at it, check out the McCord Museum, free on Wednesday evenings.

33. Down for a new hobby? Check out Montreal Improv's free improv workshop on February 27.

34. Since you're already in a good mood, have a chuckle at this Montreal man's Instagram account.

35. If you like jazz, then check out Mayfair's Jazz session on February 2.

36. And if you're a live music fan, don't forget to go over to Divan Orange for their free live music session on February 4.

37. Literature buff? Check out these three book launches at Drawn and Quarterly on February 17.

38. On February 2, dust off your copy of Groundhog Day and watch it.

38. On February 2, dust off your copy of Groundhog Day and watch it.

39. If you see what I did there, high-five yourself for being awesome. Repeat as necessary.

40. And then reward yourself with a spoonful of Nutella (or 3) on World Nutella Day, February 5.

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