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40 Montreal Restaurants Where Two-Can-Dine For Under $40

The best bang for your buck!
40 Montreal Restaurants Where Two-Can-Dine For Under $40

Eating out doesn't have to break the bank. We are lucky to live in a city that can offer quality meals at a nice price. If you forgo the alcohol for a night, that is -  it's more than easy to find Montreal restaurants that will serve a delicious meal at around $20 a person.

Wether you hate to cook or your a student on a budget, good food should always be democratic. It shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to eat well, and Montreal restaurateurs know that. Montreal is known for it's abundance of well=priced quality food.

Over the next few pages we will look at some of the key spots that offer inexpensive eats around the city.  From tacos, to Thai, all the way to Caribbean, there is something for everyone at a good price. You just have to open your eyes, and take the time to look around.

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Qing Hua Dumplings

Where: 1676 Lincoln Av // Guy-Concordia

Type: Soup Dumplings

Why you should go: Soup dumpling is what food dreams are made of. Little succulent balls of meat floating in greasy and fragrant soup all wrapped up in light and fluffy casing of dough. It's almost too much for the taste buds to handle. And at only about 12$ a basket, it can't be beaten.


Patati Patata

Where: 4177 Saint-Laurent // Plateau

Type: Burgers / diner-style

Why you should go: This teeny burger joint is a Plateau landmark at this point. With only couple seats inside, get ready to eat elbow to elbow with your fellow patrons. But the tight squeeze is compensated with the most delicious and mouth-watering burgers and poutine.


Barros Luco

Where: 5201 St-Urbain // Mile-End

Type: Chilean

Why you should go: Barros Luco is a casual Chilean food counter and restaurant. They serve up traditional dishes and the most delicious sandwiches - also called Barros Luco. Order at least two types for the full experience.


Punjab Palace

Where: 920 Jean Talon West // Parc-Ex

Type: Indian

Why you should go: Punjab Palace price/quality ratio is unbeatable. And, the portions are very generous. Making this a great spot to go out with a big group of friends. Oh, and it's also BYO. Your welcome.


Satay Brothers

Where: 3721 Notre-Dame West // Saint-Henri

Type: South East Asian

Why you should go: It's all about sharing at Satay Brothers. Making it a great spot for a date or to bring a big group of friends. The chefs serve up mouth-watering and spicy South East Asian dishes in a fun and lively environment. It's really quite perfect.


Ma Poulle Mouillé

Where: 969 Rachel East // Plateau

@xwaysoflifeembedded via

@jojodureposembedded via

Type: Portuguese

Why you should go: This spot is known for its crazy decadent poutine and also delicious roasted Portuguese chicken. There are quite a few chicken spots in this city, but la Poule Mouillle definitely gives all the other a run for their money.


Vieux Velo

Where: 59 Beaubien East // Rosemont

Type: Classic Breakfast

Why you should go: Le Vieux Velo is such a great spot. Serving up the most perfectly made classic breakfast at an unbeatable price, it's no wonder this place had to expand. And despite the long wait for weekend brunch, the staff is always super friendly and accommodating.


Cuisine Bangkok

Where: 1327 Saint Catherine East // Guy-Concordia

Type: Thai

Why you should go: Don't let the fact that this Thai spot is in a food court fool you, Bangkok serves some of the authentic fooodI've ever eaten, and at an insanely good price. The portions are so generous you can easily split a plate between two people too.


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Nouilles De Lan Zhou

Where: 1006 St-Laurent // Chinatown

Type: Lan Zhou (Chinese) Noodles

Why you should go: This restaurant is named after the capital and largest city of Chinas Gansu province. The noodles serves are typical of this region of China. The broth is mega fragrant and spiced with taste-bud popping flavours. The noodles are also made right in front of you, it's quite the experience, for under $20, totally worth it.


Tejano BBQ Burrito

Where: 729 William // Saint-Henri

Type: Burritos Counter

Why you should go: The burrito is made right in front of you so you know it's fresh. When hunger hits hard, there's nothing quite like a bursting burrito to quell your rumbling stomach. This spot most definitely give you tons of bang for your buck.



Where: 3618 Notre Dame // Saint-henri

Type: Mediterranean

Why you should go: Couscous, falafel, Kefta, hummus, Baba Ganoush, and much more, just a few items you can find at this casual counter-service Mediterranean style restaurant.


Brit & Chips

Where: 1390 Maisoneuve West // Guy-Concordia

@kelliemenonembedded via

Type: Fish & Chips

Why you should go: Brit and chips does one thing: fish and chips. And they do it good and at a very good price. The batter is always fluffy and light, never soggy and heavy. This is a great spot for a quick and affordable lunch for two.


Epicerie Pumpui

Where: 83 Saint-Zotique // Little Italy

Type: Thai /curry

Why you should go: This local thai/curry shop just opened this Fall and is going strong so far. I haven't tried it yet myself, but i can't stop hearing great things about it. And you know the price is right.


Euro Deli Batory

Where: 115 St-Viateur West // Mile-End

Type: Polish/Eastern European

Why you should go: Euro-Deli Batory is a little polish and Eastern European market that has a couple tables scattered inside where they also serve up hot plates of traditional items like Pierogi, sausage, Borscht and more. Yummy.


Depanneur Le pick-Up

Where: 7032 Waverly // Mile-Ex

Type: Sandwich / snack shop

Why you should go: Dep Le Pick-Up is a great spot for a quick filling bite at a nice price. They make greasy-spoon style food, but with fresh and carefully selected ingredients.



Where: 66 St-Viateur West // Mile-End

Type: Carribean

Why you should go: Lloydies whips up all those Caribbean specialities that we all love. So - when the patty or jerk chicken hits hard, head to Llyodies for a well-priced and super filling meal.


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Pho Lien

Where: 5703 Cotes-Des-Neiges // Cotes-Des-Neiges

Type: Pho/Vietnamese

Why you should go: I write a lot about this place, and i'm never going to stop because it's totally justified. This place rocks. The Pho is perfect. Nothing more to say.


Caribbean Curry House

Where: 2892 Victoria Av // Cote-Des-Neiges

Type: Caribbean

Why you should go: This place has it all. Most importantly, authentic charm - the neon lights aren't trying to be trendy - the've been there for over 20 years. I grew up next door, so I can attest to that. When you're craving some some delicious Caribbean delights, this is the spot.


La Captial Tacos

Where: 1096 St-Laurent // China Town

@rorysemerjianembedded via

Type: Tacos

Why you should go: Tacos served on traditional Chinese plates, in China Town too, this is just one thing that makes this quirky tacos spot special. The tacos are super tasty and more than affordable.



Where: 4629 Notre-Dame West // Saint-Henri

Type: Pizza

Why you should go: Otherwise known as Saint-Henri's finest pizza - arguably Montreal's finest pizza - Adamo is a little pizza shop in the heart of Saint-Henri that serves seriously good thin crust pizza.


Marché Méli-Mélo

Where: 640 Rue Jarry East // Rosemont

@kingkarl_666embedded via

Type: Carribean/Haitian

Why you should go: Meat and carbs and more meat and carbs. This staple Haitian spot is perfect when you get hit with a biblical-level hunger. The portions are crazy-generous and the price is always nice. And the flavour, is, of course, unreal.



Where: 77 Rachel East // Plateau

Type: Japanese

Why you should go: Small space with a lot of heart. This Plateau spot serves creative traditional Japanese dishes in a warm and cozy environment.


Hof Kelsten

Where: 4524 Saint-Laurent // Plateau

Type: Deli-style snack counter and bakery

Why you should go: Bread lovers gather around! Hof Kelsten is a bakery that makes everything from croissants to chocolate babka. They also have a small menu of light food options, including some pretty amazing brunch. And of course, the price is always nice, too.



Where: 1964 Notre Dame West // Griffintown

Type: Fillipino

Why you should go: Great food, great staff, great vibes. This place is just all around - great. I had never tried Filipino food before Junior, and i'm so glad I did. What a treat and medley of flavours.


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L'Entrepot Mont-Royal

Where: 1019 Mont Royal East // Plateau

Type: Bar/comfort food

Why you should go: L'Entrepot serves up an inexpensive menu of typical "bar food" options like fries, burgers, poutine and chicken wings. If you don't drink the bill is always crazy cheap. The atmosphere is so fun, though, it's tough not to indulge in a shot or two.


Marche Hung Phat

Where: 7099 Rue Saint-Denis // Plateau

Type: Vietnamese Market

Why you should go: This little Vietnamese market serves up all the Vietnamese classic we love. The Banh Mi is especially popular and highly recommended here.


Marusan Comptoir Japonais

Where: 401 Notre-Dame West // Old Port

Type: Japanese

Why you should go: Looking for a quick and fresh bite in the Old Port? Look no further! Marusan Comptoir Japonais is your spot. They serve traditional and classic Japanese dishes in a warm and intimate environment.


Cafe Santropol

Type: Sandwiches and healthy

Why you should go: Santropol is a Plateau staple for healthy lunch and snacks. Serving big fluffy sandwiches and scrumptious salads, this place will leave you feeling full and totally guilt-free.


Falafel St.Jacques

Where: 345 Rue St.Jacques // Lachine

Type: Falafel / Medeteranian

Why you should go: Some people claim that Falafel St.Jacques makes the best falafel sandwich in the entire city. Having tried them a couple times myself, I would be inclined to agree. This spot is a must-try for all falafel connoisseurs out there.


Chez Tousignant

Where: 6956 Rue Drolet // Plateau

Type: Burgers / comfort food

Why you should go: Chez Tousignant makes high-level comfort food. Some claim they serve-up the best burger in the city and many say the same about the poutine. All I know, is that all food-lovers must try this spot at least once.


Restaurant My Canh

Where: 1086 Saint-Laurent // China Town

Type: Vietnamese

Why you should go: Simple, delicious and real Vietnamese food is all you will find a My Canh in China Town. Fill up your belly for less than $15 dollars a person. Now, how can you go wrong with that?


Dirty Dogs

Where: 3685 Saint Laurent // Plateau

Type: Gourmet Hot Dogs

Why you should go: If you're like me and you've fantasized about putting Mac n Cheese on everything possible, then Dirty Dogs just might be your dream restaurant. They serve "gourmet" hot dogs - that is - hot dogs with insane toppings even the boldest foodies couldn't have imagine. Try it, at least once.


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El Rey Del Taco

Where: 232 Jean Talon East // Petite Patrie

@laveromeembedded via

Type: Tacos

Why you should go: The king of tacos serves incredible and delicious tacos at a very nice price. In other words, there is really no going wrong with a visit to the king.


L'Gros Luxe

Where: multiple locations

Type: Burgers / Comfort food

Why you should go: L'Gros Luxe - now with multiple locations - is a great spot to eat cheap with a bunch of friends. It's all about splitting dishes here, which always helps reduce the bill in the end. If you stay away from the drinks menu, that is.


Green Spot

Where: 3041 Notre Dame West // Griffintown

Type: Classic Diner

Why you should go: Green Spot is the classic diner of Montreal, but they serve a lot more than just diner food. From gyros to spaghetti, pretty much any comfort food you can think of is on the menu. Yum.


Mr Azteca

Where: 7349 Saint-Hubert // Petite Patrie

Type: Tacos

Why you should go: These tacos are what dreams are made of. Tasty and real every single time. And the price is irresistible. If you find yourself in the north-end of the city, do yourself a favour, and stop by for a bite.


Indian Curry House

Where: 996 Jean Talon West // Parc Ex

Type: Indian

Why you should go: This spot serves up a crazy good Thali at a super reasonable price. Like many of the restaurants in the area, it's also BYO. Once you visit this spot, it will be quickly added to your weekly rotation. Promise.


Restaurant KAZU

Type: Japanese

Why you should go: There is always a bit of a line-up outside Kazu. But there's a good reason for that. The price/quality/experience ratio is one of the best in town for Japanese food.


Parma Cafe

Where: 1202 Bishop Street // Downtown

@embrosiacembedded via @calabrezeembedded via

Type: Italian-style cafe

Why you should go: This spot is tucked away on the lower end of Bishop street, for all your Concordia students that need a new lunch spot - this is it. Serving fresh and rustic italian specialities, this is a must-try.


Venice Montreal

Where: 440 Saint-Francois Xavier // Old Port

@360luxembedded via @u.lenaaembedded via

Type: Poke Bowl / healthy

Why you should go: Such a charming space! Especially in summer. The Poke bowls are big, bight and colourful. The best part, the will only cost you around $16 each.


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