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40 Montreal Things To Do With Your Significant Other This January 2016

Just because it's winter does not mean you can't have fun in the city.

January is such a relaxing month. The pressure from the holiday season is gone, school is on break, and everyone has a fresh, clear mind set for 2016.

If you're here with your s/o this month that's probably because you spent too much on Christmas presents last month, or on New Years festivities, or work won't let you take a vacation -  whatever the case may be, DO NOT WORRY.

There's plenty of fun, adventurous things you can do locally. That's what we're here for.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the month with your s/o with some of the following:

1. Try one of these crazy delicious (and expensive) restaurants

2. Take a weekend getaway to Mont Tremblant

3. Go club hopping on St Laurent and get shwasted with your other half

4. Then the next day, detox at a nearby winter outdoor spa

5. Cuddle up in front of a good movie. (Netflix & Chill is so 2015)

6. Cook a poutine together

7. Book a training session with the best trainers in Montreal

8. Take your girl to the new Victoria Secret store downtown and make her try on all kinds of sexy lingerie.

9. Go for a fish pedicure together (yes, I'm serious)

10. Go Brunch and Instagram at one of these places

11. Walk through Parc La Fontaine sipping hot cocoa

12. Bake cinnamon buns from scratch

13. Share a poutine at Ma Poule Mouillée

14. Go to Starbucks on January 13 and try their different drinks (2 for 1)

16. Crash my birthday party at the W Hotel on January 16.

17. Go to Igloofest (opening schedule here)

18. Get inspired at Montreal's Museum of Fine Art

19. Take a free dance class

20. Strap on your ice skates and head to the Old Port

21. Go watch a concert (schedule here)

22. Visit the Olympic Stadium’s Village Mammouth

23. Check out all of the lights at Montreal en Lumiere

24. Go watch a movie! (At a theatre, remember those?)

25. Watch a hockey game (schedule here)

26. Check out our very own Jurassic Park at the Montreal Science Centre

27. Go see the Strauss Orchestra of Montreal at Place des Arts

28. Visit Merry Montreal Festivities around the Old Port

29. Go for a jog up Mount Royal

30. Take a last minute flight to Florida for under $50

31. Take a ride on the sea-saws at Quartier des Spectacles

32. Check out O'Noir and experience eating in the dark

33. Take a 35 minute drive to Saint Sauveur and go night tubing!

34. Build a real life snowman and then destroy it together

35. Go watch the planes land at this specific location

36. Take a cooking class at a Loblaws workshop

37. Take a romantic stroll in the Old Port

38. Bring another couple and check out iSaute in Laval

39. Go to one of the Safari locations and play with the puppies

40. Check out the craziest escape games at Amaze

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