40 Photos Of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, & Porsches Invading Downtown Montreal For Grand Prix Weekend

This past weekend F1 madness took over the city, which means the streets of Montreal were filled with ridiculously amazing cars.

Lucky for US, the owners of those cars actually had the guts to drive on our crappy roads. And lucky for THEM, there was so much traffic downtown that even they did hit a pot hole, they would only be doing 5 km/h. 

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There were supercars, classic cars,  rare treasures, and everything in between.

Here are some of our favorites ones people spotted during Grand-Prix weekend.  

***A special thank you to all the car spotters in the MONTREAL CAR SPOTTING Facebook group for all the photos below.***

Let the Parade begin!

Which would you choose? 

Bicycle cops looking a little jealous. 

Who wore it better?

Cruising in style!

Fire! 🔥🔥🔥

I would sell my soul for this one!

Looks like a scene from an old James Bond movie. 

The party has begun!