40 Struggles Only A Montrealer Will Understand

#21 Needing to squeeze a year's worth of outdoor fun and enjoyment into 3 months of summer.
40 Struggles Only A Montrealer Will Understand

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It ain't easy living in this city. Okay, rent is cheap, the people are chill, and everyone loves to drink, so in some ways, Montreal living is a breeze. In other ways, however, living in Montreal is a straight up struggle. Montreal's Weather, public transit, and the city's culture can combine to be frustrating and create some strugz only a Montrealer will understand.

We've compiled 40 struggles only a Montrealer will understand, so we can share the pain a little. Read 'em below.

1. Trying to get a text through while going through Berri station on the metro

2. Utter disgust at the creation of a poutine without cheese curds

3. The inability to use the same STM ticket to transfer between bus routes

4. Choosing between what to do on Sunday: Piknic Eletronik or Tams?

5. Finding bagels from any other city grossly large, bland, and with stupid toppings that aren't sesame or poppy seed

6. Missing the SAQ close time, then the SAQ Express close time, and realizing all hope for hard liquor is lost

7. Dealing with a city-wide epidemic of shwasted 18 year olds every September for Frosh

8. Metro closures during rush hour

9. Nearly falling down icy exterior spiral staircases

10. The (at times) gut wrenching after effects of $2 chow mein

11. The supremely disgusting vomit of one who has just eaten $2 chow mein

12. Not being able to comprehend how other provinces don't let you buy beer and wine at the dep/grocery store

13. Crossing an intersection and dealing with cars willing to hit you to make a turn

14. Turning at an intersection in a car and pedestrians won't give you a chance to go through

15. Random protests and the accompanied fear of being nearby when the riot police bust out their batons

16. The emotional roller coaster that is being a Habs fan

17. Having to choose between music festivals in the summer

18. The epic long lines to get a student STM OPUS card in September

19. Seeing people running up Mount Royal and feeling guilty while you sit and drink wine in the park

20. Concern for the wellbeing of girls on St. Laurent only wearing tights in -30 degree weather

21. Needing to squeeze a year's worth of outdoor fun and enjoyment into 3 months of summer

22. Not knowing what food truck is going to show up at a spot

23. Being enticed (or disgusted) by random whiffs of weed smoke at any street corner

24. Missing Hugh Jackman and Joseph Gordon Levitt while they were/are in Montreal

25. Tourists crowding intersections by actually obeying traffic lights

26. Getting from downtown to the West Island on public transit, urg...

27. Being forced to be part of a bachelor/ette party dare on Crescent

28. The ongoing argument of where to get the best poutine

29. Trying to hit on someone who doesn't speak both English or French

30. Being slyly forced to order more beer at Biftek due to the intense thirst caused by their free popcorn

31. Finally finding a cab that accepts debit or credit, and being charged extra for it

32. Using your phone in the dead cold winds of winter

33. The instant fear you get in autumn anytime you hear one of the Starks say "Winter is coming"

34. Going to a dep that doesn't have your brand and being forced to get Boreale

35. Not getting a spot on the bar terrasse on a sunny day

36. The never ending argument of who makes the best smoked meat sandwich

37. Banking on a BIXI to get home from Parc Jean-Drapeau only to find they're all taken

38. When the yellow line is closed and you need to take the awful shuttle bus

39. Having to deal with the stench of horse poo in the Old Port

40. Not understanding the Coderre-craze

What are your Montreal struggles?

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