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40 Things About Montreal Millennials That Make Old People Scared As Hell

They are the future, get with the program.
40 Things About Montreal Millennials That Make Old People Scared As Hell

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Modern Montrealers, those born in the late 80s/90s/early 2000s who have grown up in a world influenced by the internet, globalization, and increased environmental awareness, do things differently. Very differently, at least in comparison to the generation of our parents.

Often cited as vain, immature, and having a skewed sense of entitlement, by our predecessors at least, the Millennial generation is as unique as Montreal is, and because of that, we have a different relationship with the city and how we think it should change and grow.

Inspired by this list by Elite Daily, we thought we'd celebrate all the things that make Montreal Millenials a different, and better, than those older folks.

1. We think murals are the highest form of art

  • MURAL being the prime example, not that there aren't a bunch everywhere else in the city no one would dare take down.

2. We don't mind protesting to get what we want

  • They think its unruly and disruptive, we think its necessary.

3. We think the language debate is a little overdone

  • Montreal is a bilingual city, lets let it rest now.

4. We are accepting of any and everyone

  • Hate is so passé.

5. We dress weird

  • Fashion is all about personal expression, which we're all for, of course

6. We love to take pictures of our food, especially poutines

  • How else will we remember how good it was?

7. We think food should be cheap AND delicious

  • One of the major criticisms behind food trucks in the city.

8. We are super nostalgic

9. We talk funny

  • Just because you don't know what FOMO means, doesn't make it less of a thing.

10. We love our lists

  • This website (and Buzzfeed) is a testament to that fact

11. We applaud creativity in all things

  • From food, to drinks, to art, to tweets, it's what makes Montreal so special.

12. We challenge everything

  • Call it a problem with authority figures

13. We care about the environment

  • We didn't ruin it, but we're going to have to clean up the mess.

14. We aren't afraid to show some skin

15. We aren't ashamed of having a lot of sex

  • Slut-shaming is not okay

16. We like to drink, a lot

  • Our young livers can handle it

17. We like to be classy while being trashy

  • A philosophical debate on ethics while sipping a 40? Sounds like a Wednesday night.

18. We love bacon

19. We don't eat meat

  • The flipside from bacon love being our many vegetarians and vegans. No surprise so many Végétalien restos have popped up

20. We love to get drunk in the park

  • With or without an actual picnic. Usually without.

21. We are advocates of marijuana

  • Not all of us are smokers, but we recognize the medicinal benefits of a drug that is hated on only because of government propaganda.

22. We like our psychedelics and substances

  • The whole "drugs are bad" thing is too old school. Changing things up for a few hours is okay with us.

23. We have a huge mix of musical tastes

  • From EDM to Folk, are tastes are as varied as our styles.

24. We believe in personal expression

  • You do you, Imma do me, and we're all happy.

25. We're pretty vain

  • Lets take a selfie.

26. We love the city more than you

  • You love bygone days and yearn for how things were. We like Montreal as it is.

27. We want Montreal to change for the better

  • Though we love Montreal now, we still think it can be an even better city. We love the city enough to see it chance.

28. We see new cultures as a pro, not a con

  • Invading immigrants, no no, we see a new food culture and traditions to experience.

29. We play by our own rules

  • Rules are much more recommendations in our books.

30. We love food fusions

  • Poutine Grilled Cheese anyone?

31. We believe in being green

  • Sustainable living and recreating unused urban space is important

32. We think all forms of love should be celebrated

33. We love scavenger hunts, for whatever reason

34. We push off adulthood as long as we can

  • We don't want to become like you anytime soon.

35. We're addicted to espresso

  • And we're not talking Starbucks here. Third wave coffee shops all the way

36. We believe school is important, but not for everyone

  • School should be an option, just never enforced. You can't learn everything in a lecture hall.

37. We adhere to the equation: Pedestrians + Cyclists > Cars

38. We believe in sharing

39. We love to slackline

  • Being suspended in midair between two trees is just fun, don't try and understand it.

40. We believe in ourselves, even if you don't

  • You may think the city is going downhill, but we're here to make sure that doesn't happen

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