41 Free Things You Can Do This June 2016 In Montreal

Summer fun at no cost.

Can you believe that June's arrived? We've already reached the midpoint of 2016, and TBH, it's kind of been flying by.

The good news, though, is that the worst is over. We've braved May snow flurries (seriously), freezing cold winter temperatures, and more. Our reward is finally here, friends; and it brings tons of super fun, totally free activities with it.

1. Enjoy the beautiful summer weather and get your fitness on at these free outdoor gyms.

2. On June 5, serenade the game lover in your life at North Star for their "Karaoke Pinball" event, as part of Montreal's Fringe Festival.

3. Love the outdoors and love window shopping? Combine your two passions on June 2-5, when all of Mont-Royal will be closed off for a major sidewalk sale.

4. Then stroll down to Saint-Denis Street and chill on its awesome 1/2 KM long terrasse.

5. Every single Sunday in the summer, take a trip to the mountain and enjoy the tam-tam activities.

6. Is yoga bae? On June 1, check out Lole Ste-Catherine's free yoga event.

7. If live music is your life, check out Fanny Bloom at the Jardins Gamelin, June 2.

8. Or, if live DJs are your jam, check out Jardins Gamelin's "Speakeasy Electro Swing" event on June 1.

9. Does the idea of a free walking tour put a spring in your step? Then check out the Quartier Des Spectacles' free walking tour, Saturdays in June.

10. Every Wednesday night, head over to the Orange Julep and peep the awesome hotrods.

11. Book buff? On June 21, check out the launch of Robert Landori's novel, Four Equations.

12. Throughout the summer, get your jog on at these glorious Montreal jogging paths.

13. Or forget the jog entirely, call up some friends, and indulge in an awesome summer pic-nic.

14. Not down to go outside? No worries. Stay in and Youtube/Netflix/dig out your old tapes of all your favourite 90s shows, and prepare for tons of feels.

15. Love watching airplanes? Perfect. Throughout the summer, trek out to any one of these prime plane-watching spots.

16. Or, if plane-watching isn't your thing, adventure through the city to spot Montreal's gorgeous cherry-blossoms.

17. If you're a beer buff, check out the 23rd edition of Montreal's Mondial De La Bière, on June 8-12.

18. Throughout the summer, take a stroll down Sainte-Catherine Street, and enjoy the beautiful pink ball street art.

19. Then, on June 9 - 19, take a walk down Saint-Laurent Boulevard for Montreal's vibrant and super fun 2016 Mural festival.

20. Remember your pet Tamagotchi? Of course you do. On June 14, learn how to make a Tamagotchi pet of your very own.

21. If yoga is seriously your life, then check out Lole Ste-Catherine's free advanced yoga class, on June 2.

22. Or, on June 14, mozy on over to Bistro Le Ste-Cath for their live music and yoga event.

23. If you just want to ride your bicycle, check out Le Tour à Vélo, at Parc de la Louisiane/Parc Sainte Bernadette on June 12.

24. Take a walk through Parc Maisonneuve, Snapchatting every single beautiful summer flower you see.

25. Want to join Montreal's bustling gamer scene? Perfect. Saturdays in June, check out Game Curious Montreal, for a full-on crash-course about that gamer life.

26. Until June 12, immerse yourself in some culture and check out Lorraine Oades' "First Contact" interactive art installation.

27. On June 2, check out the opening of the Village au Pied-du-Courant beach, featuring music, installations, food trucks, and more.

28. And if you do love food trucks, check out Montreal's First Fridays food truck festival, on June 3, featuring free entrance, live music, and more.

29. Check out Montreal's Festival TransAmerique, featuring tons of free live shows, exhibitions, and more, until June 9.

30. Then keep up your live art festival momentum and discover Montreal's Offta art fest, offering tons of free exhibits, ending on June 8.

31. On June 24, celebrate La Fête nationale du Québec (aka Saint Jean Baptiste Day), and don't forget to check out Montreal's awesome Saint Jean Baptiste parade.

32. Live music lover? Check out the tons of free shows and exhibits during the Montreal Baroque Festival 2016, June 23 - 26.

33. Learn something new at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, free for everyone Thursdays after 5:30.

34. Check out Montreal's Francofolies on June 9 - 18, featuring free live music - and more - every night.

35. On June 10-12 (aka Grand Prix Weekend), stroll through Montreal as the city comes alive with Grand Prix festivities.

36. Feel like expanding that knowledge, even though school's over? Peep the exhibits at Montreal's McCord Museum, free on Wednesday evenings.

37. And don't forget to check out the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, free on the last Sunday of the month (June 26).

38. On that virtual reality grind? All month, get yourself to the Phi Centre for their Virtual Reality Garden exhibition.

39. Or, if you're more a free film screening type of person, then check out the Phi Centre's Affinities - Transmission II exhibit on June 2.

40. If cars are your thing, check out the Cars and Coffee car showcase on June 5.

41. Walk through your favourite Montreal neighbourhood and appreciate every single second without snow we've got.

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